Low Testosterone Increases the Risk of Heart Attack

A recent study linking testosterone therapy with cardiovascular disease caused tremendous controversy in the medical community because of widespread testosterone supplementation in aging men. Abraham Morgentaler, noted men’s health expert from Harvard, criticized the study and its impact on treating testosterone-deficient men. The study was flawed. There were major differences between the control group and the testosterone group in testosterone levels, heart disease and obesity levels. Data from the testosterone group were added to the control group, which biased the results. Low testosterone levels increase the risk of premature death, heart attack, stroke, diabetes and impotence. Dutch researchers found that consuming supplemental tyrosine increased the capacity for deep thoughts (concentration) but had no effect on creativity. Supplementing testosterone improves health in men with low levels of the hormone. Morgentaler described the bias against testosterone therapy as hormonophobia that is robbing men of their health. (Asian Journal Andrology, published online November 18, 2014)

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