Poor Blood Sugar Control Linked to Premature Ejaculation

Blood sugar control is an important marker of good metabolic health. A study from the University of Naples in Italy showed that men with type 1 diabetes, and non-diabetics with poor blood sugar control, showed an increased risk of premature ejaculation (PE). The average guy spends 15 minutes on foreplay, thrusts 90 times during sex and can last seven minutes before ejaculation. The 30 percent of men who suffer from PE last less than two minutes before climax. Factors increasing the risk of premature ejaculation include past history of sexually transmitted diseases or urinary tract infections, poor health, emotional stress, loss of income, past history of same-sex activity, history of sexual harassment, and childhood abuse. Men can improve metabolic health through exercise and diet, which might decrease the incidence of premature ejaculation. (Journal Sexual Medicine, 12: 93-99, 2015)

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