Shockwave Treatment Improves Erections

Low-intensity shockwave treatment improved erection quality in 81 percent of men treated for six months. The treatment works by improving the quality and quantity of blood flow in the penis. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is mainly caused by blood vessel problems related to physical inactivity, poor diet, genetics and aging. Erectile dysfunction is usually treated by drugs such as Viagra and Cialis, which work by promoting nitric oxide release from the inner lining of the arteries in the penis. These drugs, however, will not compensate for diseased blood vessels. Shockwave treatment improved blood vessel function rather than compensating for diseased tissue the way drugs do. Regular exercise is one of the best ways to improve circulation in the penis. Men who practiced aerobics for 12 months experienced the same improvement in erection quality as those taking ED drugs. Shockwave treatment may be a viable alternative to drugs for treating erectile dysfunction. (International Journal Impotence Research, 27: 108-112, 2014)

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