The Secret Way To Stay Flu-Free

We’re in the midst of an exceedingly tough flu season and, if you haven’t been hit already, consider yourself fortunate. Because as we all can attest, nothing will derail the progress you’ve made in the gym faster than getting floored by the flu for a week or two.

If you’ve read our 7 Tips To Stay Healthy This Winter article, you’re likely already taking the right preventative measures … except for the one we left out. And the culprit is likely sitting dangerously close to you right now, and you may even be holding it as you’re reading this. That’s right – we’re talking about that trusty Smartphone that never leaves your side.

Smartphones are breeding grounds for germs because they are warm and come in contact with many different surfaces. They can easily transmit colds, flu and stomach bugs. Fortunately, you can prevent the spread of disease via your phone by washing your hands regularly, particularly after going to the toilet, and keeping your cell phone in your pocket when not using it. Setting it down on random surfaces attracts unwanted germs. Cleaning your phone can be dicey. Overzealously cleaning it with alcohol might kill germs but can also damage the phone’s touch screen.

Good phone cleaning products include Monster CleanTouch by Sony, ZAGGfoam Gadget Cleaning Kit and Fellowes Touch Screen Cleaning Sachets.

Source: Beckett Guide to Phone Apps, January 2013

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