Tinder: an App For One-Night Stands

Any player will tell you that volume is an important key to getting laid. Guys who go to a bar, hit up on a couple of ladies, and then walk away with their tail between their legs when they get rejected are in for a drab and unexciting sex life. Dating services such as eHarmony and match.com miss the point when they have people fill out complex forms about their personal characteristics and likes and dislikes. A computer app called Tinder has brought things back to basics. People are shown photos of likely prospects in the area, and then decide whether they like or dislike the person based on their appearance. If two people push the like button, they have the opportunity to hook up. The app has been an incredible success, attracting 50 million active users. The average person accesses the app 11 times per day and spends nearly 10 minutes per session. It expands the pickup bar from a small room to the entire world. (The New York Times, October 29, 2014)

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