What to Do About Thinning Hair

Everybody loses hair as they age— some people more than others. Male-pattern hair loss occurs mainly in the front of the scalp, while age-related hair loss occurs throughout the scalp. Stress can trigger temporary hair loss, as can coloring, blow-drying and chemically straightening your hair. Drugs like minoxidil can promote hair growth, but they can decrease testosterone levels and sex drive and trigger depression. Hair-loss remedies such as biotin are untested, but they probably can’t hurt. People can camouflage hair loss, but this is often ridiculous as in the case of the classic comb-over. Hair transplants can be effective in some people, and other people eliminate the problem by shaving off all their hair. Hair loss is part of the human condition. The most significant problem is in the mind, so suck it up! (Harvard Women’s Health Watch, September 2014)

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