Weight Loss Is Easy

Blake Sylvia’s Success Story

Weight Loss Is Easy - Blake Sylvia’s Success Story
There comes a time in someone’s life when they just have had enough and need to make a change, putting their will and commitment to the test. When that change has to do with drastic weight loss, it has many serious implications. Cosmetically may be the first reason, but long-term health plays a big part in it, as well.

So when Blake Sylvia reached his ‘final straw,’ he was 280 pounds and had four decades of experience in obesity to look back on.

“I was embarrassed with how I looked,” says Sylvia. “I hated setting a bad example for my children. I wanted to be able to walk my daughter down the aisle and my skinny wife didn’t deserve a fat husband.”

Weight Loss Is Easy - Blake Sylvia’s Success StoryArmed with the drive he needed, Sylvia decided to finally make something work after countless attempts at losing weight. In the past, he had counted calories, carbs and fat grams. Short-lived exercise programs came and went and did nothing or him.

What started Sylvia off on the right track was coming up with the BDA Program, which stands for Before, During and After. By drinking a glass (eight ounces) of water before, during and after each meal, Sylvia was able to control his appetite and eat less at each sitting and it also cut down his cravings in between meals. He felt “uncomfortably full” from the water and that resulted in smaller portions at each meal. But it wasn’t as simple as that, mind you.

“The water will help conquer the physical side of weight loss,” explains Sylvia. “If we only focus on that (which most people do), the weight will return. You must conquer the physical side, yes, but more importantly, also the mental side. Once you conquer both sides, your weight will surrender to you. That’s where I am currently at in my life after a 40-year struggle.”

Making healthy food choices and performing light exercises also were implemented into Sylvia’s regimen, and today he has lost a total of 80 pounds. But even though he has enjoyed some success, practicing the BDA Program – and all of its entities – is commonplace for him and will always continue to be.

“This is a lifestyle change and not a diet,” he says. “A diet is a short-term solution for a long-term problem. I will always follow it.”

Weight Loss Is Easy - Blake Sylvia’s Success StorySylvia has put his encouraging story to paper and his book, “Weight Loss Is Easy: How I Conquered 40 Years of Obesity,” is a moving story, indeed. He encourages everyone to give it a read, especially those who he can relate to that may feel there is no hope for them.

“The more you argue for your limitations, the stronger you will become,” he concludes. “When you continue to tell yourself and others that obesity runs in the family, that weight loss is hard and you don’t have the time to exercise, you are self-sabotaging your dream of a healthy body. Even though the ‘Weight Loss Is Easy’ program will make your journey easier, your reasons must be stronger than your excuses.

“I have been the ‘fat kid in class’ since third grade and if I can lose weight and keep it off, I know you can!”


Weight Loss Is Easy - Blake Sylvia’s Success StoryCharlene — I just finished reading your book Blake. I enjoyed reading it.
I too have been battling obesity for almost 40 years. What your book and plan offers, that many programs miss, is the mental side of weight loss. Beyond that your book offers motivation to improve our lives, not just by reducing our weight to achieve a healthy body, but to pursue our goals and dreams.

I find this part of your book to be the strongest aspect for me personally. I too believe that our weight is an outcome of something deeper within ourselves that hasn’t been addressed. By doing a personal growth journey, you are encouraging all of us to dig deeper to find out why we believe what we believe and to challenge those negative beliefs we find with positive beliefs.
Your segment on self-talk is very helpful. This is an area that I have been working on in myself for a while. Your book has given me new motivation, and new resources, to pursue it with vigor! The next leg of my journey has begun!

I also like that your book is very easy to read and is full of wonderful quotes. They layout of your book is very approachable and it will be a resource I turn to again and again.
Beyond the book is your commitment to coach and encourage everyone who embarks on their journey. What a wonderful bonus to a book is the author’s personal support!

I recommend this book to anyone who has struggled with obesity. More importantly I recommend that you read it with an open mind and heart. Then be willing to do the plan.
As always Blake, thanks for your encouragement and support!

Melinda — I am so encouraged by Blake’s book and have begun to lose a bit of weight though it has been less than a week. I am walking and really pushing myself to walk as far as I can, which is not much yet, but I am NOT giving up! I believe that this is God-ordained for me at this time in my life when my health so has the potential to turn really bad really quickly. God’s timing. Thank you Blake!!!

Janet — Really pumped after reading Blake’s book I know now the mental part plays a huge part of the weight loss journey, even though I never miss a day of exercise the mental part keeps be motivated and I live all the benefits from drinking my water.Thank you Blake for sharing your inspiration with us all and the motivation you give us.

Barbara — I got my book in the mail before I left town for the holiday weekend. I’ve read it completely and am excited about this program. EXCELLENT book! It makes perfect sense and is very logical.

Maggie — Great book! Wisely written! Simple to follow and inexpensive methods to lose and control your weight!!! I love it. Thanks for sharing Blake!!!!!

Lindsey — This is such an inspiring read! Not only does it give a great foundation for someone’s weight loss journey physically but places such emphasis on the mental aspect of weight loss. As I got farther into the book I realized that the book address more than weight loss, it gives great tools for someone to change and grow other aspects of their life. I really enjoyed it thank you for writing such an inspiring book!

Debbie — I finished this book last night. It is well written, easy to understand and inspiring! I have lost a lot of weight and been able to keep it off for 6 months but I have more to go! I am proud of the weight loss but I needed a little inspiration to get going again. I found that in Weight Loss is Easy! There is definitely a huge mental aspect to losing weight. This book completely covers it!! I am excited about the future and completing my weight loss journey with Weight Loss is Easy!!!

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