Frank Sepe Interview

Fitness Icon, Coach and Author

By George Touliatos, MD

Frank is among those who inspired me in my early days (late ‘90s) of fitness. I was reading his column in MuscleMag and was impressed by his numerous magazine covers. Frank was representing the alpha male: the tall, handsome bodybuilder and he was photographed by Per Bernal, one of the best. I was also modeling, and Frank was my hero. What’s fascinating about him is the fact he was a multi-persona with different facilities: model, trainer, actor, photographer, NPC spokesman, author of several books and writer of many columns. He competed at the NPC nationals among monsters with a Herculean physique of 270 pounds. He was combining the brains and looks thing. I was fascinated when he told me he had a small part in Carlito’s Way (1993) with Al Pacino, playing the doorman bouncer.

The first time I met Frank was at the 2016 Arnold Classic. I was thrilled when I saw him and offered him one of my Greek books. We took a picture and felt so proud. The following time was at the 2019 Mr. Olympia at the Orleans Arena and hotel. That time, my gift to him was one of my English books. We also had another shot, and this picture is included in my VIP book holders. We also met last December at the Planet Hollywood hotel, during the 2022 Mr. Olympia and had another picture. This month, we had the honor with Ron Harris to host him on our show, “Ask Dr. Testosterone” at 

I was very excited that I had this opportunity. Frank is an example of someone who dominated the bodybuilding stage, but later made the transition to someone who spread the knowledge and helped millions to improve themselves. Frank is the perfect example of anti-aging. That age is just a number, and you can always stay motivated. The two things that I admire most about Frank are his love for dogs and that he is a father. I hope we can train someday at Bev’s Gym.

George Touliatos, MD is an author, lecturer, champion competitive bodybuilder and expert in medical prevention regarding PED use in sports. Dr. Touliatos specializes in medical biopathology and is the medical associate of and, Age Management and Preventive Clinics in Athens, Greece. He is the author of four Greek books on bodybuilding, has extensively developed articles for and is the medical associate for the book “Anabolics, 11th Edition” (2017). Dr. Touliatos has been a columnist for the Greek editions of MuscleMag and Muscular Development magazines and has participated in several seminars across Greece and Cyprus, making numerous TV and radio appearances, doing interviews in print and online. His personal website is

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