Three Red Wines & No Wrong Time For Sex

Beach Party With Fitness Model Kelly Knox

Beach Party With Fitness Model Kelly Knox
1 – You had a few drastic changes in your life that made you go from a wife and mother who ate junk food and never stepped foot into a gym into a fitness model/competitor. What was your epiphany?

It all started in from the inside and worked it’s way out. I wasn’t feeling comfortable in my own skin nor was I was happy with the direction of my life. I felt very itchy, so to speak, for change. I spent many months studying myself and really getting in touch with my core and in turn I felt compelled to take care of myself physically. I wanted to live a long, healthy life and looking good and feeling good became equally important to me. I eventually hit a plateau in the gym and wanted to challenge myself to a new level so I entered a fitness competition. It was just a natural progression. I couldn’t be happier to have entered that competition. It gave me a confidence in my own abilities that cannot be replaced. It taught me self-discipline and reinforced how strong mentally and physically I could actually be.

Beach Party With Fitness Model Kelly Knox2 – One has to have fun sometimes, so where are your favorite places to party? (Include travel destinations like Vegas, Hedonism or wherever you have been that you like.)

I actually live in a beach community, so my favorite place to party is there with all my girlfriends! We hop on bikes and peddle down to the oceanfront, have drinks and seafood, lay out for a little while, and throw on a dress and dance the night away in our local bars. Each and every one of them is so different so when we all get together it makes for a crazy night.

Beach Party With Fitness Model Kelly Knox3 – What’s your poison (favorite alcohol drink)? And how many does it take to get you fucked up?

My poison is red wine! And as for how many it takes to get me drunk, three is my magic number. Light weight and a cheap date!

4 – Is there ever truly a bad time to have sex?

Absolutely no wrong time to have sex! Are you kidding me? NO!

Beach Party With Fitness Model Kelly Knox5 – Speaking of sex (a man’s favorite topic – even better than the NFL), what’s your opinion why ‘straight’ porn always includes girl-on-girl action? Will you watch that part of the movie and does it turn you on or make you uncomfortable?

Girl-on-girl does not at all make me uncomfortable. To each their own!

6 – In “Pumping Iron,” Arnold said that getting a pump in the gym was akin to having sex and ‘cumming.’ We all love training hard, but that’s a bit of a stretch, right?

Arnold was completely off in comparing the two. I can’t say that those two have ever paralleled. We do all love to train hard but that is a bit of a stretch! Apples and oranges.

7 – Bring us into the mind of a beautiful woman – what is the first thing that you notice on a man?

The first thing I notice in a man is their energy and that’s what ultimately attracts me to them. I love a confident man who knows what he wants and who completely embodies that. Outside of that, the look in their eyes when they look at me! Tells you everything you need to know.

Beach Party With Fitness Model Kelly Knox8 – Staying so physically fit, training all the time and following a strict diet as you do, is it annoying to see less disciplined people do nothing, eat like shit and then complain that they can’t lose weight?

It actually doesn’t bother me at all. Rather than judge it, I just try to guide and help where I can. I have been there and done that, so there is no room for criticism as far as I’m concerned. We all have our own hang-ups and vices. We are all at different places and I work really hard at not judging people’s paths or compare their choices to mine. I just try to guide and help where I can and lead by example and hope that it impacts and influences. However, I could not have a mate or spouse that was not equally as committed to their overall health as I am. It creates a big gap in a relationship I feel.

9 – In today’s day and age of instant worldwide publicity (good and bad), how careful does one have to be as to not make a mistake that can’t be deleted?

I think as long as your honest and staying true to yourself you don’t need to be too hung up on “mistakes.” It’s all subjective, anyway. What one labels as a mistake may be anything but to the next. As long as I’m representing myself and the woman I am, I’m comfy with imperfections. I’m full of them!

10 – A not-so-hypothetical situation: If you walked in on your man while he was servicing himself, would you:

A – Be disgusted
B – Make believe you didn’t notice
C – Be turned on and help him finish

I’d have to say C.




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