Signs To Look For From Your Woman

It always amazes me how society labels men as the cheaters. They are the lying assholes that have the affairs while the women are sitting back all heartbroken and devastated.

Well, guess what?

Chances are the females were already bangin’ the pool boy or her hot new co-worker; she just wasn’t dumb enough to get caught. And NOW she’s gonna use the whole “whoa is me” sob story to land her some more options in the dating department.

You see, what you guys fail to realize is that (in my opinion) women cheat TWICE as much as men; they are just smarter and more calculated in their methods. Men, on the other hand, make the mistake of bragging to their friends, or worst yet, end up banging a stave five clinger who will inevitably get frustrated with being the side piece and start causing problems while fighting to be your main girl. Silly boys…such rookie mistakes.

So how do you know if your girl is straying? Here are a few simple red flags:

Cheating - Signs To Look For From Your Woman

1) She’s always on her phone

Granted, she COULD just be checking her e-mails or texting her mom, but if she is spending more time on her phone than with you, it’s because her attention is being drawn elsewhere. If you decide to question her about it and she gets defensive, then you should definitely be on high alert. However, if you question her and she is open and honest with you, then accept her answer and continue to sit back and observe. Do NOT, under ANY circumstances, start snooping through her phone, e-mails, etc. She’s not dumb and the second she’s on to you, she will just work that much harder to cover her tracks. The best way to catch a cheater is to randomly and calmly ask them to go through their phone WITH you. Don’t give that bitch time to delete stuff or come up with excuses; don’t give her time to think and plan her escape. It’s imperative you don’t “attack” her either, because the second you do that, she will get defensive and shut down. It’s all about how you approach her that will determine the outcome.

Cheating - Signs To Look For From Your Woman

2) She comes home after being “out” and immediately hits the shower

Cum. Yep…I said it. CUM. She is trying to mask any bodily fluids to cover her tracks. And if you are in the unfortunate situation where you actually try to unknowingly have sex with her after she’s done the deed, and if she’s dirty enough to actually appease you, pay attention to how overboard she goes with how “turned on” she is. Chances are she already got her rocks off with the other dude, so she’s gonna fake it with you to hurry up and get you to climax so she can go hit the shower and wash the guilt away.

Cheating - Signs To Look For From Your Woman

3) “Oh, he’s just a friend and he’s SO ugly. I can’t believe you’d even THINK that. I would NEVER!”

Translation: She knows you’re on to something and is trying to flip it to her advantage. What she’s REALLY saying is “he’s a cute friend who totally wants to hit it and the second you f**k up I’m gonna test the waters.” That is, if she hasn’t already…

There are MANY more red flags that will pop up when your girl is cheating, but you get the point. The reason women cheat is simple: you are not keeping her satisfied! Where as men think with their dicks, women let their emotions take the lead.

* If you aren’t making her feel sexy, she’s gonna find someone who will.

* If you aren’t supporting her and listening to her needs, she’s gonna find someone who will (and eventually f**k him).

* If she’s totally OVER your relationship, chances are she is going to make sure she keeps you “right there” as her security blanket…while she’s testing new waters elsewhere. Once she feels comfortable enough that she’s found the right replacement, or she’s secure enough to be alone, you are toast.

* If YOU are acting shady, she’s going to be proactive and beat you to the punch. Nothing more dangerous than a woman who thinks her man is cheating already. You better stay on your A game if you want her to, as well.

Women can be manipulative and scandalous as hell. But make your bitch happy, keep her satisfied, and you don’t have to worry about her giving away the goods all around town.

Kristal Umana

Kristal Umana is an IFBB Bikini Pro, NPC Judge, Optimum Nutrition Sponsored Athlete, fitness model, writer/blogger, pit bull advocate, daughter, sister, aunt and girlfriend. She is a skilled thrower of Chinese stars, loves malt liquor, believes Ron Burgundy is God, and thinks everything tastes better with pancake syrup. Beauty, booty and brains...this ultimate triple threat.

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