Skype Sex & Being a ‘Wing Woman’

TNA Impact! Wrestling Knockout Gail Kim

Skype Sex & Being a ‘Wing Woman’ - TNA Impact! Wrestling Knockout Gail Kim
1 – Being in an industry with so many attractive and fit guys, going to work must be an easy task for you. Is it hard to keep your mind on the job at hand with so many six-packs around you all the time?

It’s funny you ask that because it’s the exact opposite. Being around people basically half naked all the time makes you numb to it. I’ve been wrestling for so long that it’s the norm to be dressed in our wrestling gear. In fact, it’s stranger to see the guys in clothes! I would notice them wearing a suit faster than noticing any six-pack.

2 – Have you ever dated another wrestler?

Unfortunately, yes, ha! I think if you have been in the business this long, it’s going to happen. Normally this happens, I think, for most people entering the business because you quickly find that it’s hard to have a relationship or date while being part of the wrestling business. You’re on the road so much that you spend a lot of time with them and they are the first to understand being in this business. I found out eventually that this is not what I wanted. This business found me my husband, but fortunately, he wasn’t in it but understands the lifestyle.

3 – Being such a gifted pro in the ring, how are you away from the squared circle and at home? Do you go from being a tiger into a little kitten?

I think I’m pretty feisty both in the ring and out of the ring. I can be laid back most of the time in everyday life and it takes a lot to tick me off, but if you do, watch out!

4 – Being married to celebrity chef Robert Irvine, do you find it difficult being a ‘Hollywood couple?’

I wouldn’t call us ‘Hollywood’ by any means. We have a crazy schedule of traveling but we feel like a normal couple. There is the sacrifice of privacy, that’s for sure. I have to share my husband with the world, so it can be hard when I just want to have alone time. I guess it comes with the territory, but I’ll put my foot down if I have to. But I do get that people get excited when they see him so I try to be understanding.

Skype Sex & Being a ‘Wing Woman’ - TNA Impact! Wrestling Knockout Gail Kim5 – What does a guy have to do to get your attention? You are stunning and can have your pick of the litter, so what does it take?

Thank you and I guess the best way to answer that is to explain how my husband landed me:). The first thing I noticed about him was that he was in charge! Let me explain what I mean by that. I was always a strong, independent woman who liked to wear the pants in the relationship and always did. What I didn’t realize was that I wanted a strong man who could handle my strong personality. Every woman I think deep down inside wants to have a man take care of her. I don’t mean financially, but emotionally. They can be strong and take care of you but also support you in life.

I think people have a list of qualities they look for in a person. Respect has always been at the top of my list my whole life and that’s another factor; and last, it’s pretty simple. Be kind. Being a great human being is essential. I’m not that girl who was into bad boys. I think good guys finish first.

6 – With both your husband and you having crazy work (and travel) schedules, have the two of you ever resorted to Skype/Face Time/video chat for a little intimacy?

When my husband and I are apart, we communicate everyday through Skype and Tango. Thank goodness for technology! We work hard on our relationship and follow a ‘never go two weeks without seeing each other’ rule. Which fortunately we haven’t even gone a week in a very long time. We do what we have to do, so use your imagination…like we do!

Skype Sex & Being a ‘Wing Woman’ - TNA Impact! Wrestling Knockout Gail Kim7 – Trusting your partner is one thing and even if you do not suspect anything is going on, is it still okay to get jealous when you know that he/she is getting hit on by a member of the opposite sex?

Of course, it is! We are all human aren’t we? We both get jealous at times. He has to deal with guys looking at my sexy photo shoots and I have to deal with other things, as well. We just have to trust one another and know that we love and respect each other. You can’t expect others to respect your relationship; it’s ultimately up to the two people in the relationship.

8 – In 2007, you were listed on Forbes’ top-40 list of “America’s Most Eligible Bachelorettes.” That is quite an honor, so talk a little bit about how that came about and what your reaction was.

Yes, that was pretty flattering! I was shocked to be honest. I thought it was IMPACT wresting’s PR department at the time getting me on the list. I asked about it and they told me I had been chosen and they had nothing to do with it. It’s pretty cool to be including on a list by Forbes… Now I gotta get on a list again by them except not an eligible bachelorette list, but a successful woman list!

9 – Is it cool with you that male viewers get turned on by watching the TNA Knockouts go at it with one another, especially when rolling one up in a small package hold?

It’s cool with me. I get that our fans like different things about us, whether it’s the character, the wrestling or that. To each their own. They are all our fans in the end and I can’t hate on them for what they like. As long as they don’t cross the line of respect. Then they run the risk of getting their butt kicked. Oh wait, they would probably like that.

10 – When you were single and on the bar/club scene, who was your ‘wing man’ and did she ever pull you away from a night that you still regret not following through with?

My childhood best friend Marlene. I grew up in Toronto, Canada and we were basically attached at the hip all our lives until I moved out of the country. We were each other’s “wing woman,” yes, but we kept each other in line. We went through our young crazy party phase but we also still kept a good head on our shoulders. I think to answer the question though, I think we both would take away a few situations more than wish we hadn’t followed through!


Skype Sex & Being a ‘Wing Woman’ - TNA Impact! Wrestling Knockout Gail KimSo many facets of Gail Kim’s life speak to her being strong: her will to be the best, her heritage as a Canadian of Korean descent, her physicality, her intellect and so much more. As the very first Knockouts Champion, Gail set the bar high for the female competitors in TNA to follow, and over time, has continued to set the bar higher and higher. “It’s a combination of dedication, focus and power that all shape my being strong,” Gail says. “And I will continue to build my body, mind and skills in the ring to get what I want.”

Photos: Lee South/TNA Entertainment


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