Mental Muscle

Harness Yours for Maximum Growth

The minute you set foot in the gym, your mind has to be locked and loaded for intense training. That means total focus on the job at hand, with no distractions or drains on your energy. Much of your battle in the gym in mental: you have to be primed and fixated for muscle growth and improved performance, with an internal “can do” attitude at work inside your head during every rep and set. When personal trainer and fitness model extraordinaire Tyler McPeak trains arms like he does in “Blast Your Biceps With Cables,” he steps into the gym with the confidence and conviction that he is going to pump his biceps to unearthly proportions. Tyler doesn’t arrive at the gym and say sheepishly, “Well, maybe I’ll up the weight by 5 pounds today.” No way! He eyes the selections of progressive resistance on the weight stack and tells himself: “Bring it on!”

Mental Muscle - Harness Yours for Maximum Growth

Tyler McPeak knows that a positive mindset is a major requirement for the success of your weight-training program. The gym is no place for wimps or mental midgets. The problem is, most of us have chaotic lives and we are juggling 10 things at once. There are times when we all need something extra to increase our energy, improve mental clarity and stimulate our metabolism into high gear for an intense workout. Many serious lifters use a nootropic thermogenic such as NEURO-SHRED™ from BEYOND RAW® for powerful, intense energy and improved mental focus. NEURO-SHRED™ features an unprecedented 2nd Rush™ caffeine technology (250 milligrams) that provides immediate energy, plus a targeted second surge to fuel added intensity when you need it most. The science-based formula in NEURO-SHRED™ activates unique thermoreceptors and fat metabolism with 400 milligrams of Morosil™ and 50 milligrams of ActivAIT™ extracts, in addition to 100 milligrams of NeuroFactor™ and 100 milligrams of Capsimax™. NEURO-SHRED™ will ignite your mind, energize your body and be your internal catalyst for supercharged workouts.


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