Powerful Pump Pre-Workout Nitric Oxide Booster

Pump Up the Volume!

Millions of people have headed back to the gym with renewed excitement and energy, but only some have managed to soar to new heights and reach their potential while others have stalled or conked out in a state of anabolic limbo. What separates these two groups is quite possibly their pre-workout. Any coach or trainer worth his or her salt will tell you that you have to fuel your body prior to training. That’s where the right pre-workout can make or break the results of your exercise regimen. ANS Performance® has your back with new and improved DILATE™, one of the most powerful pre-workouts on the market.

With DILATE™ you can experience skin-splitting muscle pumps and extreme vascularity with just one scoop – in a non-stim, volume-inducing formula for an unparalleled experience in the gym (or wherever you train) and increased muscle growth.

Enhance Muscle Performance

DILATE™ is designed to enhance muscle performance with more oxygen and nutrient delivery, and boost your workout by delivering superhuman endurance. The formula contains clinically studied, effective ingredients to stimulate nitric oxide production and boost performance in the gym. We gave DILATE™ a test drive before training and it was like kaboom … we could feel a long-lasting pump surge run through our body, with no tingles or jitters. Compared to our old humdrum pre-workout, DILATE™ was a welcome upgrade that can be likened to trading in a beat-up old Buick for a shiny new BMW or Lamborghini.

10x the pump. DILATE™ features the new and powerful nitric oxide stimulator VASO6™ for unrivaled vasodilation, oxygen and nutrient delivery. VASO6™ is 10x more effective than the “old generation” arginine. In addition, the all-new GlycerPUMP™ enhances muscle cell hydration, plasma volume and endurance. GlycerPUMP™ is a technologically advanced high-potency glycerol powder. It delivers 65% glycerol by weight but is stabilized to prevent clumping.

Just 1 scoop. DILATE™ contains 2x the L-citrulline and 2x the agmatine sulfate of the original formula, for maximum pumps with just 1 scoop. And DILATE™ stacks perfectly with your favorite pre-workout or BCAA for a massive enhancement in nitric oxide production, but is powerful enough on its own for a stim-free experience or evening workout to fuel your endurance.

Amazing taste. With delicious flavors like Glacier Grape, Peach Mango, Blue Bombsicle and Lemon Drop, DILATE™ packs a flavor punch that is almost as impressive as its muscle-building wallop.

Energize Your Workouts

You only have one chance to build and refine the best body possible, so why not consume the best pre-workout to make it all a reality? Energize your workouts with DILATE™ and you’ll never look back to the days of humdrum training or pre-workouts that didn’t give you the boost you needed.


• Incredible Muscle Pumps

• Elevate Nitric Oxide

• Increase Endurance

• Stim-Free and Stackable

• Energy Boost for Endless Endurance

• Zero Caffeine

• Zero Carbs

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