Lactate Increases

Lactate Increases - High-Intensity Exercise Capacity

Lactate Increases  - High-Intensity Exercise Capacity
Most people consider lactic acid (LA) as a metabolic pariah and sports bad boy. However, LA quickly dissociates to lactate, which is a weak base and an important energy source. The sports supplement Cytomax contains lactate and is extremely popular with endurance athletes such as cyclists. An Appalachian State University study led by David Morris found that lactate supplements (120 milligrams per kilogram of bodyweight) increased high-intensity exercise capacity by 17 percent during interval training on a stationary bike. The treatment also caused a small increase in blood bicarbonate levels (an important buffer against metabolic acids). The incidence of gastrointestinal problems was extremely low. Lactate is an effective supplement that promotes high-intensity exercise capacity. (International Journal Sports Nutrition Exercise Metabolism, 21: 311-317)

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