Maintain Muscle Mass With Omega 3s

With Omega-3s

Maintain Muscle Mass With Omega-3s
Loss of muscle mass, a condition called sarcopenia, is a serious health problem in older adults. Sarcopenia decreases the quality of life by limiting mobility, promoting arthritis, increasing the risk of falling and impairing blood sugar control. A review of literature by scientists from the University of Trieste in Italy concluded that omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil are important anabolic stimuli for maintaining muscle mass in older adults. Fish oil increases the anabolic effects of weight training and aerobics, dietary protein, amino acids such as leucine, and hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone. Fish oil works best when taken before the onset of significant physical deterioration, so it’s never to early to start.

TAKE THIS: 4-6 grams daily. Split this dosage up into 2-3 servings a day.

Source: Current Opinions Clinical Nutrition Metabolic Care, 17: 145-150, 2014

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