MuscleMeds: Phenbuterol

A Leader Among the Pack

MuscleMeds: Phenbuterol
When it comes to bringing some of the most revolutionary formulations to the sports supplement industry, MuscleMeds is a leader. They have brought forth many new and innovative products that are first releases— unlike many other companies that play follow the leader. Many companies try their best to knock off the amazing products that MuscleMeds produce, but in all honesty they all fail horribly. This is because imitation is the greatest form of flattery, leaving MuscleMeds a true pioneer in scientific research and formulation design.

Hottest Development in Fat-Burning Technology

Now, you may be thinking that their newest fat burner is simply just another thermogenic agent like many that line store shelves. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. This is another first in the industry from the MuscleMeds research and development team, which worked night and day scouring the latest scientific data to bring you nothing but the best. Phenbuterol introduces a new development in advanced fat-burning technology that is going to change the way we look at burning fat.

Phenbuterol: The Science of Fat Burning

This fat incineration is caused by the activation of what is known as uncoupling protein 1 (UCP1). This protein enhances fat burning in brown adipose tissue (BAT) by shuttling fatty acids from stored body fat into the mitochondria, to generate heat and trigger thermogenesis. Utilizing fatty acids from stored body fat, rather than ATP from muscle tissue, is a unique fat-burning mechanism of UCP1 and brown adipose tissue. This very special function is one of the key fat-burning actions and benefits of MuscleMeds’ newest breakthrough, Phenbuterol. This is the first fat-burning supplement targeting the activation of UCP1 and BAT, and is causing a whirlwind in the bodybuilding world.

A Look Under the Hood

I know you are as excited as I am about this scientific breakthrough and what it offers those trying to get ripped. Dieting down is no fun, but MuscleMeds has made this daunting task that much easier by creating the ultimate fat-burning catalyst to help you get shredded in no time at all.

Aframomum Melegueta

Grains of paradise, also known as Aframomum melegueta, is a spice native to West Africa that has been shown to activate brown adipose tissue (BAT) while increasing whole-body energy expenditure. Therefore, Aframomum melegueta may increase the reduction of body fat through activation of BAT and subsequent thermogenesis.


Caffeine is a central nervous system and metabolic stimulant that has been shown to increase energy, reduce fatigue, improve clarity and mental focus. Caffeine also contributes to increasing the lipolysis process, therefore helping to mobilize fatty acids to aid in fat loss. This mechanism can at least in part be explained by not only increased metabolism by raising resting energy expenditure, but also by activation of BAT.

Rauwolfia Serpentina

Rauwolfia serpentina acts primarily as an alpha-2 antagonist. Alpha-2 receptors hinder the release of norepinephrine and are highly anti-lipolytic. This means that it is harder for the fat to break down in stubborn fat areas when alpha-2 receptors are present. Rauwolfia acts to help suppress alpha-2 receptors, thus allowing the release of norepinephrine. The blocking of the alpha-2 receptors in turn helps maximize powerful thermogenic effects and when norepinephrine is released, BAT can be activated.

My Run With Phenbuterol

Now as you can see, the science behind Phenbuterol is unparalleled in the industry. This looks amazing on paper and in the lab, but how would it stack up in the real world of hardcore bodybuilding? Would it walk the walk or would it fizzle out? This is why I decided to give it a test run to see exactly how it would work on me.

Within the first few days, I could actually feel Phenbuterol working— and I am not talking about a stimulated response. Even after three days, I would wake up looking leaner and dryer. I am telling you, there is nothing more appealing to a bodybuilder than to wake up, look in the mirror and look better than when you went to bed. Even though I kept my diet and training the same, I was burning fat like never before. I was constantly warm, and during my training sessions I could actually feel my body burning away like a furnace.

Within the first month of using Phenbuterol, I dramatically dropped my body fat level from 14 percent all the way down to 8.5 percent. I couldn’t believe that it was this strong. I have used many fat burners over the last 20 years, and this bad-ass is truly in a class of its own.

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• The ultimate maximum strength fat-burning catalyst in existence.
• Upregulates UCP1 to help burn stored fat.
• Activates brown adipose tissue for fatty acid utilization.
• Promotes ATP sparing thermogenesis.
• Burns fat like butter to a flame— it’s that strong.
• The most powerful fat incinerator without a prescription.

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