Beetroot is a Cardiovascular “Elixir Vitae”

The elixir vitae is a mythical potion that grants the drinker eternal youth. It was a popular topic in ancient Chinese and Indian literature and was linked to the Fountain of Youth in America. Modern supplement makers have searched for it for more than 100 years. We may have found it in the simple beet. A review of literature by Richard Bloomer, William Clements and Sang-Rok Lee from the University of Memphis in Tennessee concluded that beetroot juice is a super food that reduces blood pressure, increases blood flow, enhances the driving pressure of oxygen during exercise or altitude exposure, and improves exercise efficiency. Beetroot has beneficial effects after a single serving or regular use. The famous explorer Ponce de Leon didn’t have to search endlessly for the Fountain of Youth— he could have grown it in his garden. (Nutrients, 6: 5224-5264, 2014)

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