Beetroot Juice Reduces Muscle Soreness

Beetroot juice is a superfood. More than 50 studies have shown that beetroot juice enhances blood vessel health, improves endurance, boosts oxygen delivery, reduces the work of the heart during exercise and helps control blood pressure. A study led by Tom Clifford from Northumbria University in the U.K. found that beetroot juice decreased muscle soreness and promoted recovery in the vertical jump following high-intensity eccentric exercise (100 drop jumps). Eccentric exercise, which involves lengthening muscle contractions, is linked to muscle soreness and post-exercise inflammation. The test subjects drank either an eight-ounce or four-ounce glass of beetroot juice or placebo (fake beetroot) immediately after exercise, and 24 and 48 hours during recovery. High doses of beetroot juice reduced muscle soreness and prevented deterioration in jumping performance, compared to the placebo. Delayed onset muscle soreness is caused by small injuries to the muscle cells, and further damage triggered by inflammation. Beetroot works by decreasing inflammation. (European Journal of Applied Physiology, 116: 353-362, 2016)

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