Caffeine Boosts Performance

For more than 40 years, endurance athletes have been taking caffeine to improve endurance performance. Scientists thought that caffeine worked by increasing blood fats, which spared carbohydrates in the blood, muscles and liver. A study by Brazilian athletes concluded that caffeine improves endurance performance by sparing carbohydrates and increasing fat use. They supplemented six milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of bodyweight and measured endurance performance on a stationary bicycle while the test subjects were at maximal lactate steady-state— the maximum exercise intensity where lactate no longer increases. Caffeine increased endurance performance by 22.7 percent. Caffeine is a very effective supplement that improves performance during endurance and high-intensity events. Currently, caffeine is not restricted in Olympic sports but is regulated by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. (Nutrients, 7:5254-5264, 2015)

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