Caffeine Plus ATP Booster Improves Body Composition

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is called the “energy currency of the cell” because it supplies energy for most cellular chemical reactions. A study led by Jordan Joy from Texas Woman’s University showed that increasing ATP production with caffeine and an ATP-boosting supplement (ancient peat and apple extracts) for eight weeks increased the size of the rectus femoris muscle (a quadriceps muscle) compared to a placebo (fake supplement) in weight-training subjects. Boosting ATP levels might prevent fatigue by improving cellular energy regulation. Most ATP is found within the cells and is critical for fueling muscle contractions and the majority of cell functions. ATP breakdown products such as purines bind to cell receptors that influence muscle blood flow, learning movement skills, food intake and sleep. ATP-boosting supplements might increase muscle endurance by enhancing muscle blood flow during intense, prolonged muscle contractions. Creatine monohydrate also boosts ATP levels by increasing creatine phosphate levels in muscle. It is doubtful that caffeine plus ATP boosters are superior to creatine monohydrate for increasing muscle mass or power output. (Journal International Society Sports Nutrition, 13:25, 2016)

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