Combining Vitamin D and Calcium Supplements Could Be Dangerous

Calcium and vitamin D supplements are extremely popular, and have individually been touted as important health promoters. Health experts often recommend calcium supplements for strengthening bone, improving blood clotting and optimizing nerve conduction and muscle contraction. Vitamin D supplements have been recommended for preventing cancer, heart disease, fractures and falls, autoimmune diseases, flu, type 2 diabetes and depression. A review of literature by British researchers cautioned that the combination of calcium and vitamin D supplements could be dangerous because they might promote heart attack and increase blood pressure, abnormal blood fats and insulin resistance. One study in women showed that a supplement containing a combination of calcium and vitamin D reduced the risk of breast and colon cancer by nearly 20 percent, but increased the risk of heart attack by 24 percent. More research is needed on the combination of these supplements because of their widespread use. (Atherosclerosis, 238: 388-398, 2015)

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