Omega-3 Fatty Acids Improve Neuromuscular Performance

Myelin is a nerve covering that speeds the rate of conduction of nerve impulses. The myelin covering increases when athletes learn skills, which makes movements faster, smoother and stronger. Myelin is composed mainly of fat and water, so increasing intake of a high-quality fat might be beneficial to the nervous system in athletes. Evan Lewis from the University of Toronto, and colleagues, found that supplementing omega-3 fatty acids for three weeks increased muscle activation, as measured by electromyography, and prevented fatigue during a maximum sprint test on a stationary bike (Wingate test). Test subjects took five milliliters of seal oil per day, which contained 375 milligrams of EPA, 230 milligrams of DPA and 510 milligrams of DHA. Athletes may benefit from omega-3 supplements, particularly when they are working on skill development. (Journal International Society Sports Nutrition, 12:28, 2015)

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