Boost Testosterone Naturally

Apex Male is the daily staple all men over 30 need to boost testosterone production and bring out the alpha male.

Does your energy when training in the gym feel like it’s been sucked out from under you? Maybe you’re not as aggressive as you once were when you hit the weights, and instead of training like a beast you have been downgraded to borderline wimp status. If you’re like most men after age 30, the problem could be a gradual, and consistent, decline in testosterone production. That doesn’t mean you have to shift your training intensity and gains to a lower gear. Blackstone™ Labs has the solution with Apex Male, a revolutionary, all-natural testosterone booster any man can use to restore health, vigor, and vitality.

Declining Testosterone Levels?

If your testosterone levels are not all that they once were, it’s catastrophic to your training. Declining testosterone levels means it’s harder to build muscle, and a whole lot easier to gain fat. This drop in testosterone among slightly older men is no doubt responsible for the reshaping of men across America and the advent of the dad bod. Until now, the aging male faced two choices, neither ideal – suffer the incessant drop in testosterone, or embrace testosterone replacement therapy. Apex Male is a third option, one that restores optimal testosterone production without resorting to chemicals, pharmaceuticals, patches, or injections.

Powerhouse Ingredients

Apex Male has been formulated by Blackstone™ Labs to boost testosterone naturally, and contains carefully sourced ingredients to rejuvenate your testosterone, energy and libido, including:

Vitamin D3 (1,250 IU) plays a critical role in testosterone production and overall health. Research shows that men deficient in this essential vitamin have higher body fat and estrogen levels along with lower lean mass and reduced fertility.

D-Aspartic Acid (1,500 mg) DAA is a muscle-building amino acid documented to enhance gonadotropin-releasing hormone, growth hormone and luteinizing hormone. Research shows that DAA can directly increase testosterone production by the testes.

Bulbine Natalensis (500 mg) Bulbine has been shown by research to increase serum testosterone levels, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), and even testicle size! Bulbine has also been shown to reduce estrogen levels in the body, creating the ultimate anabolic environment.

Tribulus Terrestris (125 mg) is an incredibly popular and well-researched herb used to enhance male virility/vitality. Research shows that tribulus can increase IGF-1 and testosterone and enhance lean body mass, while also reducing body fat.

Maca Extract (125 mg) is a potent botanical traditionally used by Peruvian men to enhance performance and stamina. Research shows that maca can boost libido, sexual desire, and fertility.

Epimedium Extract (75 mg) more commonly known as “horny goat weed,” epimedium is a plant traditionally used as an aphrodisiac. It’s rich in a compound called icariin, which blocks the activity of a PDE5, an enzyme that interferes with nitric oxide production. Supplementing with icariin can enhance NO delivery and blood flow to sexual organs, enhancing performance and stamina.

BioPerine (5 mg) is a patented form of piperine, a black pepper extract that is included to enhance the bioavailability and utilization of all the testosterone-boosting compounds in Apex Male, ensuring you get maximum effectiveness from every dose.

Bring Out Your Alpha Male

Apex Male is the daily staple all men over 30 need to boost testosterone production and bring out the alpha male. If your testosterone levels need a lift, give Apex Male a test drive. You’ll once again experience testosterone levels that are in the fast lane.


• Supports Increases in Testosterone Production

• Supports Increases in Well-Being and Mood

• Supports Increased Aggression and Energy in the Gym

• Promotes a Healthy Libido and Increases Stamina

• Great Bridge Between Cycles

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