Athlete Competitive Series

By Anthony Ricciuto

Training Hard in the gym day after day, week after week is essential to attaining your muscle-building goals. Many push themselves to the edge in the quest for building the perfect body. However, in their quest many lose sight on what they do outside the gym is just as critical in the muscle-building process as what they do inside the gym. In fact, the repair and recovery aspect that takes place when you are not hitting the weights is the missing piece of the puzzle that too many have been avoiding, which is a big loss and a significant obstacle to muscle growth. This is why MRI Performance has released their new Athlete Competitive Series to help your body perform at its best, and recover with unprecedented efficiency. Here we take a look at MRI’s latest formulas that will help you train harder and replenish those valuable nutrients post-training.

Athlete Competitive Series - Athlete Multi Tri-System

Athlete Multi Tri-System

This is MRI’s newest multi-nutrient formulation designed to provide your body all that it demands in terms of the vast array of micronutrients needed to perform at your best. If you think your current multivitamin is going to cut it, think again. For a formula to be truly effective, it must be based around quality, dosing, synergy and timing. MRI’s new formula is a three-tier system to help provide your body with the right nutrients at the time when your body is in most need of them. This allows maximum uptake of nutrients to replenish critical vitamins and minerals lost during intense physical training. It is composed of three distinct formulas to be taken in the morning, afternoon and in the evening. This maximizes bioavailabilty, providing optimal doses of key cofactors to help you not only perform at your best, but also recover like a champ.

  • Provides all-day nutrient support your body needs
  • Includes a wide spectrum of key micronutrients critical for recovery and repair
  • Loaded to the max with dosing patterns that actually work
  • One-stop formula for all your body’s needs

Athlete Competitive Series - Surge Pre-Training

MRI Surge Pre-Training

MRI’s newest pre-workout formula blows the doors off other products that rely on high stims to get you through your workout. With a formula based on the latest scientific findings to truly take your performance to the next level, including CarnoSyn beta-alanine, and a triple-blend arginine matrix, you can bet your pumps and endurance will be beyond your expectations.

  • Increases maximum blood flow to working muscle for one SICK pump
  • Replenishes and fuels ATP production to keep you going, set after set
  • Dials in laser-like focus and concentration
  • Protects against training-induced muscle damage
  • This cross-functional performance fuel is ideal for both strength and endurance athletes
  • Just the right amount of stimulation without feeling jittery, with no “after crash”

Athlete Competitive Series - Beta Charge

Beta Charge

Beta Charge was designed to help maintain that high-intensity training session no matter how long you are in the gym. This stimulant-free formulation provides your body with a unique cascade of compounds to make sure your performance supplement works just as hard as you do.

  • Designed to support high-intensity training at an elite level of performance
  • Contains the scientifically proven 8:1:1 leucine-loaded BCAA profile for maximum results
  • Stimulant free, so it can be taken at night without disturbing your sleep
  • Increases both aerobic and anaerobic performance, buffers muscle fatigue
  • 100% all-natural flavor and sweetener with no aspartame

Athlete Competitive Series - Immune Fit

Immune Fit

We all know that when you are training with intensity, it can really wear down your immune system. The fact is that hard training increases cortisol levels, which can lead to a weakened immune response. Immune Fit was created with the hard-training, competitive athlete in mind who needs to keep strong and healthy 24/7. The fact is, germs and viruses surround us in the gym and in our daily lives. So keeping our immunity strong is essential when the body is under increased stress from intense training.

  • Supports energy levels during times of intense physical exertion
  • Aids in recovery for optimal health during intense training blocks
  • Maintains health and well being, allowing you to train harder
  • Clinically demonstrated to support the immune system in athletes

Athlete Competitive Series - Recover & Repair

Recover & Repair

Your rate of recovery between workouts is in fact more important than the workout itself. Optimal nutrition and supplementation is one of the most important aspects of this recovery phase. This is why MRI created Recover &Repair. This precision-engineered formula was designed to maximize recovery, replenish overworked muscles and support high-quality sleep habits that are critical for health and muscle growth. Your muscles don’t grow in the gym, but during that overnight break during sleep. Making sure your body is provided the right environment for optimal recovery is essential to increase performance.

  • Fights free radicals to optimize cellular protection
  • Helps prevent entering a catabolic or muscle-wasting state
  • Dial in your anabolic sleep cycle for unprecedented muscle growth
  • Provides a wide spectrum of micronutrients, cofactors and scientifically proven compounds for true recovery

Athlete Competitive Series - Co-H20


Science has shown that what you consume during and after your training session is critical for recovery and muscle growth. If you don’t have a game plan for optimal nutrient intake during your intra- and post-workout period, then you have missed out on the most important nutritional aspect of your day. To make sure that this issue is a thing of the past, MRI has created their unique intra/post-workout concoction called Co-H2O. It provides bodybuilders and athletes what they need most. It is loaded with critical natural electrolyte replenishment and just the right amount of carbohydrates. Not to be forgotten is the much-needed whey protein and high-dose BCAAs needed for muscle repair and growth. This formula is just what you need both during and after your training session, to make all your hard work take form.

  • Contains natural coconut water
  • Full-spectrum electrolytes to prevent cramping in hot weather or while dieting
  • Loaded with BCAAs and whey protein to heal damaged muscle tissue
  • Created to aid the body in its natural recovery process
  • The ultimate intra- and post-hydration matrix ever created

Real-Deal Recovery

MRI’s latest release to the industry has filled a gap that often gets largely ignored. Training hard creates specific nutrient demands on your body that cannot be met by simple foods alone. This is why MRI created this unique stack, ideal for bodybuilders and athletes of all sports who push their bodies to the max in their quest for greatness. With a focus on the key sectors that deal with muscular, immunity and CNS recovery pathways. MRI’s Athlete Competitive Series provides the ideal support system for your high intensity training with critical elements for your recovery and performance success. To learn more, visit

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