The Ultimate Alpha Male Pre-Workout!

You have to train hard during every workout in order to stimulate muscle growth and build a massive, ripped physique. But did you realize that hard training can also blunt the production of testosterone, essentially bitch slapping your gains? That’s right – research shows that intense exercise can significantly lower testosterone levels, resulting in suboptimal muscle building, performance and strength gains. One would expect your pre-workout to address this dilemma, but not all pre-workouts meet the challenge. Just like bodybuilders train and perform at a level above most mortals, so do some pre-workouts.

MuscleMeds’ NITROTEST™ is that rare pre-workout that is in a league of its own due to its ability to address exercise-induced low testosterone. In the tradition of bodybuilding icons who were simply better than the competition because they worked harder, MuscleMeds developed NITROTEST™, a potent pre-workout supplement designed for hardcore male athletes to boost testosterone levels while enhancing your workout for extreme muscle pumps, energy, focus and endurance.

Are You Losing Testosterone?

No one talks about testosterone levels heading south during your workouts, but it’s a real occurrence and is being overlooked by most pre-workouts. And this scenario could have serious implications with regard to your muscle and strength gains. For instance, a case study on a natural pro bodybuilder training for a contest demonstrated a 75 percent decrease in testosterone due to his intense training program and dieting (Int J Sports Physiol Perform, 2013 Sep; 8(5):582-92). Moreover, it took the athlete nearly three months to fully restore testosterone to normal levels. The right pre-workout can restore this potential testosterone crash. NITROTEST™ is the androgenic, testosterone-boosting pre-workout that is scientifically formulated to boost free testosterone in just seven days.

Amazing Pumps, Extreme Energy and Focus

NITROTEST™ not only will you get amazing pumps and extreme energy and focus, but you will also get potent doses of proven and effective testosterone-boosting ingredients, including:

• 500mg Fenugreek and 200mg Boron Citrate

• 3g L-Citrulline, 3g L-Arginine, 1.6 g Beta-Alanine

• 350mg Caffeine, 350mg DMAE Bitartrate

• 100mg Mucuna pruriens, 5mg Yohimbine

Train Balls to the Wall

Now, you can train balls to the wall and not have to suffer the consequences of lower testosterone. If your current pre-workout does not provide you with the proven ingredients to restore testosterone and build muscle, performance and strength, then it’s time for an upgrade to NITROTEST™.


• Androgenic Pre-Workout Amplifier

• Boosts Free Testosterone in 7 Days

• Stimulates Nitric Oxide, Muscle Pumps and Energy

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