Supersize Your Muscle Gains! Build More Muscle and Strength

MUSCLEAA™ for Massive Pumps and Greater Fat Loss

Unlock the Master Regulators of Muscle Growth. A product that will never fail to deliver on its promise of supersizing muscle gains will be one that features the essential amino acids (EAAs), which remain the go-to aminos for many a hard-training bodybuilder. The nine EEAs perform varied roles in the body to help sustain health and well-being. At the very core of many vital processes, the EAAs cannot be produced by the body and must therefore be obtained in the diet to ensure complete health and optimal physiological functioning (including immunity and cardiac function). Each of these “master regulators” of physical and mental functioning also plays a major role in stimulating muscle growth and regeneration, promoting energy production, improving mood, enhancing fat loss, boosting exercise performance, preventing muscle losses, and assisting with nutrient absorption. In fact, without the right combination of EAAs, consumed at the right times, even the most devoted trainee will stand to make little if any meaningful progress.

MUSCLEAA™ from Allmax Nutrition is proven to be superior in supplying each of the vital EAAs (including a superior ratio of muscle-specific branched chain amino acids BCAAs) when they are needed most. What’s more, this product takes this already impressive means to improving muscle-building and fat loss and, via its significantly greater potency and the addition of revolutionary compounds Mediator® Phosphatitic Acid and Selaginella Tamariscina Extract, makes it doubly effective.

Double the Muscle: when orally ingested and combined with sufficient protein, hard training and rest, Mediator® Phosphatidic Acid has been shown to significantly activate the Mammalian Target of Rapamycin (mTOR) signaling pathway responsible for switching on muscle protein synthesis – and it does so to such an extent that muscle-building progress can be doubled.

Double the Fat Loss: not only does MUSCLEAA™ keep EAA levels high, it can also boost fat loss by 100% due to the powerful effect of Mediator® Phosphatidic Acid, which not only further activates and sustains mTOR signaling (and muscle growth), but also promotes greater lipid oxidation (fat loss) for a leaner and more muscularly impressive physique.

Massive Muscle Pumps: a powerful phosphodiesterase (an enzyme which promotes vasoconstriction) inhibitor, MUSCLEAA’s Selaginella Tamariscina significantly improves the coveted muscle-pumping effect by vastly increasing vasodilatation and greater blood flow to the working muscles.

Mood Boosting: along with MUSCLEAA’s extreme vasodilating effects, which improve blood flow to the brain to enhance cognition and mood, Selaginella Tamariscina also works as a negative modulator of the GABA-A receptor, which improves alertness and focus to heighten training intensity.

The EAA Advantage

Without each of nine EAAs in ratios conducive to engaging and sustaining muscle protein synthesis and which provide the building blocks for muscle rebuilding (ideally, a total of 7,000 mg of EAAs with 4,200 mg of BCAAs in a 45:30:25 ratio), we can expect to not gain a single ounce of quality muscle or experience to the fullest any of the additional benefits of the EAAs. What we really need to support muscle building and weight loss is each of these key aminos in their proper ratio.

In fact, according to multiple studies, EAA supplementation could be the single most important step we can take to keeping our bodies in the highly prized anabolic state from which muscle growth and fat loss most readily occur. A 2017 study gave participants BCAAs or a placebo after strength-training workouts. Here it was concluded that while BCAA supplementation does improve muscle growth, there are limits to exactly how well the BCAAs will do this. Instead, the researchers found that to maximize gains in muscle tissue after working out, we must supplement with all of the EAAs, not just the BCAAs. Other studies have reached similar conclusions.

Bottom line: for the best results in size, strength and fat loss, rather than prioritize the star players, be sure to take each of the EAAs in precise ratios. MUSCLEAA™ delivers all the lean-muscle building ingredients a hard-training athlete would need in the most delicious way possible. Try mouth-watering flavors Blue Shark and Candy Keys. MUSCLEAA™ is available at your favorite retailer in-store or online. 

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