Shy Anderson: Dallas Cowboy Super Executive VP

Scoring a Fitness Touchdown

Workouts with Brock Travis

Shy Anderson: Dallas Cowboy Super Executive VP - Scoring a Fitness TouchdownIt was approximately one year ago that Travis approached the 6’1”, 186-pound Anderson and offered to train him because, “everyone in the gym will see you and ask how you got in this shape.” From that day on, they have been working out together using a complex but straightforward routine that the 28-year-old Travis put together. “He was doing a similar program before that; I just had to fine-tune it.”

One of the things that Travis implemented right away was setting a goal for Anderson. “We spoke about a future photo shoot and that gave him something to work towards.”

Anderson was already in good shape and Travis began tweaking the workout routine to build up strength in some areas. His arms were already developed and they concentrated on the chest and shoulders while keeping his waist down.

“We had to modify the workout around the areas where he had prior injuries,” Travis explained. “We used some lighter weights and focused on tempo.”

Anderson added, “I may want to bench a Toyota, but can’t at this age.”

Another important aspect of the program was phasing and Travis made sure to introduce some power moves. This kept Anderson’s natural testosterone and human growth hormone levels high.

“I like to call it doing circuit sets with high-intensity training,” Anderson said “We also change it up a lot each week, doing different movements. For instance, on a chest day, I might start with a set of incline on the Hammer Strength machine for 15 reps. Then I’ll move on to the Hammer Strength decline. For a flat bench exercise, I may use dumbbells. I’ll do this four times going around. This superset circuit really ignites my muscles.”

Although he always preferred to train alone, Anderson and Travis assimilated right away once they began working together. “We had the opportunity to get to know each other before that, so there was no period of awkwardness going into it,” said Travis. “Shy didn’t have any ego issues at all being a former athlete. Things change over the years and he was open-minded and receptive to everything I introduced into the program.”

Because of his hectic schedule at work and coaching his son’s youth football teams, Anderson has no choice but to work out on his own on many occasions. But don’t expect to find him in the elite facilities available to the players.

“I’ve worked out at Valley Ranch [the Dallas Cowboys training facility] maybe 10 times total,” he said. “That facility is dedicated to the players and they train completely different than me.”

The fact that he doesn’t join the likes of Tony Romo, Dez Bryant and DeMarcus Ware for a back and biceps session means little. When it comes down to it, Anderson may actually put more time in the gym than some members of the Cowboys.

“I made a commitment to stay in shape,” Anderson said matter-of-factly. “If I have to get up at 5:30 in the morning to get my workout in, then that’s what I’ll do. I always pack a gym bag and leave it in the car. No matter how busy my day is, I can find an hour to get to the gym.”

Shy Anderson’s Diet

All of that time spent in the gym would mean nothing without the proper nutrition and Anderson takes a reasonable approach to that. “I still eat pizza and burgers once a week, but I plan for it,” he said.

That may sound puzzling, but it made total sense after Anderson broke it down. In the past, he tried different diets, but admitted that they drove him “crazy.”

If he knows what his week is going to be like, then enjoying some foods that are fattening can be fit in without any guilt trips. “I’m OK with eating bad; it’s not going to bother me,” Anderson said. “If I know that I’m going to eat in a suite at the game on Sunday, then I eat good the whole week leading up to that day.”

Anderson referred to it as a craving, something that we all have. But he also put it in perspective when saying that if you know you’re going to satisfy that craving tomorrow, then you don’t need it today.

Eating properly is the norm for Anderson and he begins and ends his day with a protein shake. “Right out of the gate in the morning I drink one and notice that I’m not as hungry throughout the day,” he said. “And I always have one right before going to bed.” Between shakes, Anderson tries to stay away from fried foods and sticks with egg whites and chicken on most days.

As far as what many call “cheat” days,” Anderson doesn’t like to use that term and prefers planning ahead in the long term rather than going day-by-day with his diet. He also uses this analogy as an example for other things in his life.

“When I was younger and working as a sales rep, I played golf a lot,” Anderson said. “As long as I knew that I was going to play on Saturday, I was able to drive by the course every day until then and it wouldn’t bother me.”

The Payoff

By being faithful to his diet and exercise, Anderson has amazingly stayed at the same bodyweight as his freshman year in college. He attended his 30th high school reunion recently and was surprised at what he saw from the mass majority of Little Rock, Arkansas’ Catholic High School for Boys alumni.

“I kind of looked at them and said, ‘wow,’” Anderson reflected. “Most haven’t done a lot for their health and physical fitness. Then I look at my dad and his friends. They have deteriorating health and are dying off. I’m around some super wealthy people and they would trade all their money for good health. I don’t want to feel older than I am. I’m feeling better now than I did 15 years ago.”

As if he needed any added motivation besides being healthy and slowing down the aging process due to hard work, Anderson puts a little extra pressure on himself to stay in shape. When his friends look at him and tell him how lucky he is, Anderson does not disagree but that just enhances the already high expectations put on him.

“They look at me and know that I’m married to Jerry Jones’s daughter, am involved in all the business ventures, etc. But that just means that I have to over-deliver, make sure I carry myself properly. Being successful sets a high bar for me and this family.”

Anderson has met and exceeded those expectations in all aspects of his life— businessman, father and coach. And he isn’t about to slow down now— especially when packing for the next road game.

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