12-Week Male Transformation Challenge: Week 1


This week, almost all the contenders in the 12-Week Male Transformation Challenge have already had phone consultations with Pauline Nordin. The new "Men’s Guide to Fighter Diet" was provided to all the Challengers initially to get them started, and many are continuing with menus from that eBook, while others are using other meal plans appropriate for their body types, current situation and goals.

Here are some comments about their phone consultations:

"Prior to speaking to Pauline, I had certain goals in mind and a plan to go about achieving these goals. Pauline and I discussed them and she tweaked it and came up with a specific plan. She exceeded my expectations and really got into the intricacies of my diet and workout plan. She addressed all my concerns, especially having the sweet tooth I have, she was able to give me alternative choices that made me feel like I was having a special treat, such as adding Crystal Light powder to plain Greek yogurt to make it taste essentially like strawberry, but without all the extra sugars while feeding my body the proper nutrients." – Hugh

"Wow!!! All I can say is WOW!!!! Just had my call with Pauline. Don’t tell her but I would have paid $1,000 for that call. In it, I got the answer of why I’m still carrying extra weight, a new calorie intake amount and a new cardio regimen. Questions answered about a previous knee injury and my elbow issues. Plus a homework assignment to post….Woo hoo life is good;0)" – Rich

"My call with Pauline last Sunday, while fast, was very inspiring and educational! Great tips, great advice, a new training split and a new menu guide. Today was my first day following the Muscle Booster plan from wake up to finish. In fact, it was the first day since the challenge started that I hit 3,000 calories!" – Manny

"By Friday of last week, I could barely get myself out of bed, let alone complete any type of workout routine. I was depressed and wondering what had I got myself into. Pauline’s call on Saturday was a much-needed pick-me-up. She offered me hope and encouragement. She helped me with my questions and though we had a little bit of a communication issue, just knowing that she was willing to hear me out was reward enough for the suffering. I had no real understanding of the concept of the Fighter Diet when I first started; I just jumped in over my head. Now that I know you don’t have to eat all the vegetables raw, I’m much better." – Doug

Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to speak with Pauline yet. I really look forward to going over my personal goals with her that I hope to achieve, not only in this challenge but moving forward, as well. I have several questions for her and cant wait to see what she recommends for me to make the most of this experience. Tomorrow is an exciting day!!" – Tyler


"In my phone consultation, I learned I was possibly over doing my cardio and could actually slow it down it that area, which would allow me to have even more time to focus on strength training." – Gary

"I spoke with Pauline this afternoon and I am very thankful for her expertise and helping me achieve my goals. I will be following Diet Plan Low. She gave me some options where I can switch out chicken for turkey and pink salmon. I now have several options in my food bank so I don’t get bored of the same items. Especially since I will be following (it) for the next 10 days. I can’t wait to see my results over the next two weeks as I follow her direction. I may not be the rabbit, as I am more like the turtle" – Larry

During this first week, many of the interaction on the Facebook page has been centered around meal plans, ensuring the Challengers understand the necessity to rely on themselves and the resources they have been provided, rather than on old assumptions about food. The FD Pyramid has become the most referenced eBook on the Facebook page so far. Invaluable to most already!

Initially, competition with each other set in. However, within a few days, they settled in to the idea that they are all going to be winners if they follow Fighter Diet and reach their goals.

Challengers are posting pictures of their Fighter Diet foods for their meals plans, their prepared foods and discussing how to measure foods properly. In addition, more and more videos of the Challengers performing exercises are being posted, looking for critique by Pauline Nordin and her Dungeonistas. Full range of motion to maximize the benefits of the lifts, body position, etc. has been discussed. Additionally, adjustments to cardio schedules have been a topic of discussion for some of the Challengers, so that they are aware of how to use cardio to their benefit rather than detriment.

Martin Rivest was chosen as the Challenger of the Week, based on the weekly progress, posts and results. During the week, he struggled to understand the concept of Fighter Diet but did not give up. He continued to put himself out there by posting his food pictures, his workout routines and his menus and was open to any and all critiques. He adjusted his cardio times based on feedback, he continued to improve his menus, as well as understand the Fighter Diet Pyramid, and as a result, he has lost 10 pounds already on Fighter Diet!

Here is what he had to say this week in his update:


"This was a crazy week! I feel like I ran after my tail all week. 1) got to get the required eBooks, 2) read and understood them, 3) get to grocery store 4) prepare meals 5) change workout 6)Facebook and 7) work !!!!

I probably was the most smack guys this week (sic), I don’t feel ashamed about it, for me, this is a learning opportunities and I hope the other guys can use this also. I don’t see a lot of interactions from the others (only some). BTW, I really appreciate the feedback from the Dungeonistas, very constructive and fast, do they sleep sometimes???

Initially, I thought I was motivated to take this challenge; it was right and it is, at this moment, so truer. I have never been that happy to follow a program that will be soon a regimen of life!!! At the end, it is not very complicated and I don’t mind if I always eat the same thing – let’s keep it simple!!! I consider myself lucky because I have a fully supportive wife who also eats the FD way!

I have already lost 10 pounds, and although I don’t see it that much in the measurements, I do feel it in my clothes and in mind. My energy level is better.

Eating a lot of veggies does not scare me; I love this feeling of being full and light at the same time. For me, eating veggies is not very difficult, I eat them for a while, I avoid starch for a long time and I don’t miss it. However, for once in a while, I know I am doing the right thing !

Check me carefully; I will change fast !!! So for next week, I will continue to learn the philosophy behind FD, continue my training plan and trust the process." – Martin

Some Stats (in inches):

Weight: 270 lbs. (-10 lbs.)
Neck: 16,5 in (=)
Shoulder: 56 (-1)
Chest: 52.5 (+.5)
Waist: 47.5 (-1)
Hip: 43 (-1)
Thigh: 23 (=)
Calf: 16.5 (-0.5)
Arm: 14.5 (-0.5)



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