12-Week Male Transformation Challenge: Week 2


This week, many of the challengers have been faced with real-life issues – illness, travel, taking care of family figmembers, holidays, etc. As they have discovered, these things happen and Fighter Diet can give them focus to keep pressing through these issues. Update pictures are reflecting positive changes toward the challengers’ fitness goals. Training was a big subject this week, with focus on splits, form, timing of workouts, etc. The week of Facebook postings has included many questions about form (including video) on training, enabling all of the challengers to learn from one another. They are finding out that by viewing video of themselves doing exercises, they are able to improve their overall fitness results by making corrections to form. Here are some comments from summaries this week:

“Well, this week I’ve had my ups and downs!! It started out with me on the road and I didn’t do a very good job (of) sticking to my plan. When I fall off the wagon, I really don’t eat badly just not enough. I know this slows my metabolism and slows my fat loss. So the last few days I’ve been a good FD’er and stuck to my plan 100%. I’ve had people inboxing me wanting to know what I am doing, so people are finding out about FD through this!! I really want to thank Pauline and Diana for working with the hardheaded guy I am!!” – Curtis

“This week was rough but not in terms of the diet. I can pretty much keep all my cravings intact with some way, shape or form with this lifestyle. Although things are not allowed, I really embrace and enjoy the things that are allowed. I love being able to make substitutions according to the plan and pyramid. I need variety or I will tend to stray. Over the weekend, I was able to figure out any weights and measures for anything I may substitute, and posted that in my kitchen so I can just easily access it. The hard part for me this week was making the gym a priority. With a long schedule at work and a child that has special needs, my duties as a father and husband often creep their way into my mind. (Between) my wife and through posts from the FD FB page and others, I am realizing that being healthy and active really will help me in those areas as well.

I really like the no -approach to the FD BadAss Workouts Vol. 2, which is what I have been using for strength workouts this past week and will continue. The minimal rest, the high reps, but also high weight get me sweating like I ran through the dessert in a trash bag. I have been focusing on form and even if it means I have to drop weight. My DOMs are outrageous some days but it lets me know I am working. I wasn’t expecting much of a change in the scale, and don’t see the differences in myself yet. I am posting my three required pics and then 2 collages my wife threw together to help me see my progress from left to right. The initial pic is the one I used to apply for challenge and the last today!” – Gary


“I noticed more people are posting more and giving honest feedback, which is great. The encouragement, guidance and support we have received from Pauline, Hanne, Diana and Emily and others have been tremendous. As for my personal experience, I lost 3 lbs. within the week, and my waist size shrunk a half-inch from when the contest started. My other change was my biceps going down to 14.75”. I was discouraged at first, because guys want bigger arms, but it just means I’m starting to tighten up a little bit. I have to admit, even though I’ve lost 3 more pounds in the last week, I have been discouraged that it doesn’t really show in my physique. I realize it’s only been 2 weeks but I’ve lost 6 lbs. and I expected the change to be more noticeable. But I realize this is a marathon not a sprint, and the most important part of it is that I can feel the change taking place in me. That makes me want to work harder and really continue to hold myself accountable and follow the FD lifestyle 100 percent.” – Hugh

“Wish I could say I had a great week and all went well, but for the second week straight I was sick, this time much worse than the last. One of the more private parts of my life is assisting with the care and well being of my parents. They are both very special to me even though they do require lots of attention. Well, my mom got sick early in the week soon followed by my father. By week’s end, I, too, had the stomach flu. My sister flew in from Texas to help and we gave it her as well.:) Today was the first day I felt well since Friday of last. Needless to say, I didn’t work out over much of this past week. As for dieting, well I didn’t feel like eating or drinking, so I didn’t stay regimented. Thinking how I didn’t eat for 3 days, I was expecting great weight loss, but the scale doesn’t lie – only 1 pound. I’m praying that I will get in a good, full week of training. I feel like the other guys are out of the blocks running and I’m still in the locker room getting my shorts on. One positive was a gift I received from Pauline on Saturday. I will display is proudly and look to it for motivation. No real changes in vitals this week other than weight.” – Doug

“Week 2 has been going really great for me. I’m on the low diet plan and feeling very good about it. I have more energy and feel stronger. The only meal I’m having problems with is the butternut squash with Brussels sprouts… I can’t seem to eat that one. I’m just too full and can’t fit 1,200 grams. My work-outs have been going great; I’m seeing muscle now. Very excited about the results in the next few months.” – Juan

“That was a fast week! It was also my first full week on the Muscle Booster plan, plus my new training split. The day after last week’s no change weigh-in, I stepped on the scale and I was down two pounds. Three days later I was down another pound and getting concerned, as I truly don’t think I can eat any more! This morning I had gotten one pound back, so, hopefully, crisis averted and I can slowly put on more weight. Based on the mirror and pics, I look a bit softer this week. However, no knee jerk reaction, as my body has to adapt to the new calories. I train with a relative newbie to free weights, so I am constantly coaching him on form. However, I have to rely on the mirrors. I now know that the mirrors can be quite deceiving. Capturing my lifts on camera has really helped. Better range of motion, better rhythm, better burn and more DOMS. Thank you to Diana, Pauline, and the rest of the Dungeonistas for their input. This week I also did my first cardio since May 2. It was nice to get outside and get my heart racing”. – Manny

“It has been two weeks since I have been on the Fighter Diet. This past week I got down to 214.4 pounds but because I was unable to go to the gym yesterday and today (as it is Passover), it went back up the 215.4 pounds. I really should not complain as it is still down 2 pounds since last week so I know everything that Pauline has told me to do is working. Now that the Passover Seders are over, I will be able to get my regular workout in. I actually missed going these past 2 nights but I had other priorities. I am slowly starting to see definition in my arms and shoulders and my belly is slowly melting away. I know this does not happen over night. It is a process that takes time. However, as long I make the correct decisions on a daily basis, I know the results will be waiting for me. Let’s start week 3.” – Larry


“I started this second week very pumped and motivated. The 10 lbs. lost from last week and being chosen as the Week 1 challenger were the cherry on top of…. my stack of squashes!!! This week was more relaxed; I healed my bruises from all the hits I got on first week and I am getting there!! Oh yeah, some laughed at me because of my ‘’sprussel sprouts’’, hopefully, I will survive that. I am working on finding ways to cook my veggies and got some varieties too all that with being 100 % to FD. I am also very proud of me, since the beginning (except from some mistakes last week ☺), I am 100 % dedicated to this philosophy and 100 % compliant. It pays, I see results and people saw it, too! This week I have lost a good 5 lbs., for a total of 15lbs. I am happy about it but, to be honest, I was expecting more: perfect diet, 4 spinning classes, 6 resistance training later!!! However, I am a bit surprise of my menu, I can eat only Level 2 veggies, which are more dense in calories, being able to replace squash and Brussels sprouts with potatoes is a huge paradigm for me. I have not yet substituted with potatoes, but they are something I have always avoided while on a diet! And God knows how I love potatoes!!!! Right now, the thing I have the most difficulties with is the workouts in the 10-15 reps. I used to be a beast in the gym, doing low reps 1-6 with really heavy weight. Going up to 10-15 reps makes me more humble working with lighter weight and I feel the workout more boring. I will never say it enough, I would like to thank all the Dungeonistas, especially Diana and Pauline for there constant support and patience. What’s on the plan for next week? Hard work, hard work and hard work, what else??? I love this!” – Martin

“This was a very fast and hectic week! It was first week back from spring break and was slammed with a lot of work in the classroom. Which has resulted in less FB activity and I apologize. It’s very hard to balance all the coursework, classes, training and work. I am going to do my best to increase my activity by adding photos and videos. I have really enjoyed the videos and constant updates from the other competitors. Nutrition: After talking with Pauline to make some adjustments this week to try the medium men’s guide plan, I followed it very closely and have felt pretty good. I am not sure if I will stay here or return to low. I am thinking about going one more week with it. I’m leaning out very fast still. My vascularity and definition are really improving. Training: I did a little different split this week and I liked it a lot.” – Tyler

Rich Alea is this week’s Challenger of the Week. He has made great progress, has followed Fighter Diet and all recommendations by Pauline Nordin from his consultation and as a result, has lost over 7 lbs. in 2 weeks. He has faced some physical adversity and is working through some elbow issues, but is staying with the plan regardless. His pictures are here:


His summary reflects his being in tune with his body and any adjustments he needs to make to ensure his gains are permanent:

“I am definitely leaning out and getting more muscular, as you will see in my pictures. But I feel I am losing too much too fast. When I spoke with Pauline two Saturdays ago, I was eating too many calories per day – about 400-500 too much. So we corrected that and my body is definitely responding. Just not sure if it’s too much, too fast. A few things – I AM 100% STRICT with my diet!!! I have only had water to drink since this contest started. I drink 7-9 16 oz. bottles a day. During my pre-workout snack, I drink 200 gm. of fat free organic milk and that’s it!!! Only water… So I guess after this post maybe my diet needs to be addressed. Pauline told me not to substitute anything on my diet for the first 14 days. I have not!!! Even if I did not like the food I ate it. (Plain yogurt/ gross.) I love this competition. I thrive in the competition world. It lights a fire under me. I am lifting extremely heavy and doing my H.I.I.T cardio to the T!!! No short cuts, not less sets, no less reps. I am putting in the work. I watch all the other competitors and they are doing so well and it motivates me to push even harder. I am still struggling with my elbow issues. I ice them every night, some days Ben Gay during the day. I am taking Omega 3 twice a day and Glucosamine twice a day. I feel my left elbow is operating at 85% and my right at 60%. This is much better since I started. I have incorporated warm-up exercises and forearm exercises a couple days a week. So they are getting stronger but slowly because of the competition I keep pushing harder and harder. But I LOVE IT!!!!

I have lost 7.60 lbs. since the contest started and exactly 2% body fat. Plus I have lost size in my bicep, forearm, waist & calf. But my chest has grown about 2 inches. (WOW!) I feel my arms could have been bigger but with my elbows I am not able to push as hard yet as I would like. Epic Results Baby… I in it to WIN IT!!!!;0)”

My New Stats:

Height 5-9”
Weight 168.40 lbs.
Chest 42-1/4”
Bicep 13-1/4”
Forearm 11-1/2”
Waist 36”
Thigh 22”
Calf 14-3/4”
BF% 16.1%”

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