12-WEEK Male Transformation Final Update

12 weeks have passed in the FitnessRx for Men Fighter Diet Transformation Challenge and we have come to an end where it is time to choose ONE winner who will get a photo shoot with Pavel Ythjall. The 3 finalists are all active on the Facebook group page and the interaction with Fighter Diet founder Pauline Nordin has been great the past few weeks.

Gary, Tyler and Manny have had a very exciting journey: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FitnessRXFighterDietMen2013/

Below are the challengers’ final updates for Week 12:



Weight: 199 +7 since last overall -16
Shoulder: 54″ +1.0 since last overall +4″
Chest: 44″ +.25″ since last +2.5″
Hip: 33″ No change since last overall -1″
Waist: 32.5″ No change since last overall -1.5″
Arms: 15.75″ +.25″ since last overall +1.25″
Quads: 24.5″ No change since last overall +2.5″
Calves: 16.75″ +.25″since last overall +1.25″
Neck: 17.25″ No change since last overall +.75″

Can’t believe that it has been 12 weeks. I am so happy that I have stuck with this diet for 12 weeks. It has really taught me the importance of nutrition, not just as a tool for a healthy lifestyle but in sculpting your body. It amazes me how much work I wasted away when I was younger by eating poorly. I would look amazing if I knew what I know now. But I know now and the time is now to use this as motivation to reach new heights. I see what the time will get you and I never want to go back to what I was doing. I love how I look and love even more how I will look with more time. Thank you fighter diet for the results you have given be coupled with the support and motivation that has been provided. Thank you for the guidance and lessons Pauline. Thank you to all the dungeonistas and thank you Ashley. I have come far but this is a stepping-stone to new goals. This is my new lifestyle and ill live it the rest of my life. Thank you so much. Congrats to Manny and Gary, you guys look great and have done so well. Keep it up! Same to all that competed

Week 1 pic front: 531535_10200858385921537_1532765663_n.jpg
Week 12 pic front: 933963_10201550239937455_317926744_n.jpg


WEEK 12 Update: The End…Well the end of this competition but not the end of my Fighter Diet Lifestyle. This competition has taught me so many lessons and ways to approach my nutrition, gym sessions, and even other areas of my life. I always wanted to see the definition in my abs to have stronger legs and see the cuts in my back. Although, I am not completely leaned out just yet I have accomplished seeing more definition in my abs I have great back definition in my back especially when flexing and doing double biceps rear pose. I can see my quads and have still been brutalizing my hamstrings. The greatest thing from this is my health. I have been eating fairly healthy for a while but this has really made the difference just in my every day performance at work and my overall energy level.

I do not work an easy job and it requires me to do all out physical labor all day for 10-12 hours at a time. I’d drive home and need a coffee just to get through four hours of family time at home. I’ve been off of caffeine except before workouts now and am still going when leaving work. I get home shower fast and head to the gym to train and then home to eat. I get the most five hours of sleep a night and never a nap. Yet for the most part I feel like I am sleeping 8 or more hours with the amount of energy I have.

I have learned proper lifting techniques and increased on most weights significantly. I got so much great feedback to make me self confident in my approach to lifting and to not take so long lifting. I usually can finish a good hard workout in less than hour. I always walk away dripping and feeling spent but exhilarated. I no longer feel like I am lost in the gym and I know what supersets are triple sets and drop sets and why, how and when to do them and to make them work you to the core.

This experience has been wonderful. I really must say Thank you to Pauline, Hanne, Emily, Diane and all the other Dungeonistas for their time patients and straightforward tough love approach. Thank you also to those following our journey and encouraging us to stay on point and track. Whatever the outcome I feel like three great guys got to represent a really great brand and it has been an honor completing this challenge. I have learned to prep for a busy life and to disregard anyone who thinks I am crazy for eating how I eat. Usually those same people become intrigued enough to call me or ask me hey what is that diet you are doing again called. Even though they may think this is just a diet for me I know this is just my way of living now.

Thank You Again! I hope we all stay in touch fellas when this is over! Would love to run a Mudder with you Manny!


Start Now Wk. Change Total Change
Weight: 190 172 +1lbs -17lbs
L Bicep 13” 13 ¼” +¼” +¼”
R bicep 13” 13 ¼” +¼” +¼”
L forearm 12” 12 same
R forearm 12¼” 12 ¼” +¼” same
neck 14 ½” 14” -¼” -½”
hips 42” 40” same -2 ”
L thigh 23 ½” 23 ½” +¼ same
R thigh 23 ¾” 23 ½” +¼ -¼ ”
L calf 16” 15 ¾” +½ -¼”
R calf 16 ½” 16” +¼” -½ ”
shoulders 44 ½” 46 ¾” same +2 ½”
chest 40” 40” same
waist 35” 34” -½“” -½”

Week 1 pic front: 381578_10200312257082853_1174216310_n.jpg
Week 12 pic front: 580450_10200751111773946_1462398739_n.jpg


Week 12

What an amazing journey. This truly has been an educational experience and a heck of a ride.

The FD mantra of “Discipline ur Dedication” is truly what it is all about.

Things that seemed impossible 12 weeks ago, are not only possible, but also ingrained and easy to do. (Getting enough calories, prepping food ahead of time, taking rest days…the list goes on)

This final week was fun, as my body got leaner and tighter every day. On Friday I spent 9 hours in a car, but had all my food prepped for the trip. Road trips in the past have been a reason to munch on crap and drink soda. Not this time. Saturday and Sunday I trained in a small gym close to where I am staying in South Carolina. Made me appreciate my home gym. A lot! Yesterday, my back tightened up on me, and I took an unplanned rest day, but I have been pushing so hard, it was well deserved.

I have continued the low carb adjustments that Pauline helped me with a couple weeks back. The carb cravings have been non-existent, but I do look forward to eating my sweet potatoes again. The lack of carbs has impacted my gym sessions, and I have been lacking energy late in the afternoon. But this was a great way for me to see how my body responds to the change.

I passed the three-year mark on my current fitness journey during this twelve-week challenge. In these twelve weeks I have achieved more change than I have in the last two years. The difference? Following a structured program to the letter. I have always pushed myself hard in the gym, and I have eaten “clean”, but following BadAss workouts and the Muscle Booster menu brought results beyond what I could have imagined!


Body fat: 9.3% -8.4% since beginning of challenge
13lbs of fat gone
12lbs of muscle added

Weight 161.0 lbs. –0.4lbs since last week5 and -1.0lbs overall
Chest 37.75″ -.25″ since last week and -1.50″ overall
Arms 13.0″ NC since last week and +1.25″ overall
Hips 36.0″ NC since last week and -0.5″ overall
Waist 31.75″ -0.50″ since last week and -1.75″ overall
Thighs 21.00″ +0.75″ since last week and +1.00″ overall
Calves 14.75″ NC since last week and +0.5″ overall
Forearms 11.00″ NC since last week and +.25″ overall
Shoulders 46.75″ -0.25” since last week and +1.00″ overall

I truly appreciate the opportunity that Pauline gave me, when she selected me to be part of this challenge. I want to thank Pauline, Hanne, Diane, and the rest of the Dungeonistas for their tough love approach, timely responses, and helping me become the new and improved version of myself. For those of you that have been following my journey and Liking or Commenting on my pictures and posts. Thank You! You kept me engaged every day and I knew I could not let you down. And to my amazing wife, I can’t thank you enough for your amazing support and encouragement.

To the other competitors. All of you that started this journey with me, all the way to the last two standing with me at the finish. I applaud you. This has not been an easy challenge, but hopefully the lessons you have learned will be lessons you can continue to apply long after this challenge is over.

Be Great and Keep Striving!

Week 12 Pics: 9886_588031951216956_1165171152_n.jpg
Week 1 Pic Front: 581798_552865664733585_1016053291_n.jpg
Week 12 Pic Front: 993000_588031871216964_811543360_n.jpg

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Manny Travesio was chosen as the overall winner! Congrats to him and all of the challengers.

Here is some late-breaking info: http://www.facebook.com/groups/FitnessRXFighterDietMen2013/

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