12-Week Male Transformation: Week 8 Update

Eight weeks have passed in the 12-week FitnessRx for Men Fighter Diet Transformation Challenge. The five contenders have all been active on the Facebook group page this week and there has been a lot of interaction with Fighter Diet founder Pauline Nordin. Two-thirds of the challenge has passed and it is elimination time; three finalists will do the last four weeks before a winner is chosen.

The last few weeks, Martin has been struggling to see progress and Curtis have had several sidesteps from his plan. With this in mind, and also seeing the progress among the rest of the group, the three finalists for the challenge are Gary, Tyler and Manny.

See all the updates on the Facebook Group Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FitnessRXFighterDietMen2013/

Below are the challengers’ updates for Week 8:

Tyler Week 8 update:

Weight: 199 (+5 since last week; -15 since beginning)
Shoulders: 52.5" (+1.0" since last week; +2.0" since beginning)
Chest: 43.0" (+.5" since last week; +1.5 since beginning)
Waist: 32.5" (0 since last week;-.5" since beginning)
Hip: 33.5" (0 since last week; -.5 since beginning)
Quads: 23" (0 since last week;+1.5" since beginning)
Calves: 16" (0 since last week; +.5 since beginning)
Arms: 15" (0 since last week; +.5" since beginning)
Neck: 17.25" (0 since last week; +.75" since beginning)

The wonders of sleep. With finals finally behind me, I have been getting more sleep and in turn, I feel a lot better physically. I saw more growth and my weight returned back to normal. I am still following the medium men’s guide. No cheats no deviation. Eating to win. Training is the same really no new routines. Consistency will bring me where I want to go. This has been an amazing opportunity for me and has put me in the direction that I want to go for the rest of my life. I hope to continue in this competition, however, it’s about much more than that; it is about life long fitness and I’m pursuing that. Best of luck to everyone; dong this with all of you has given me motivation and great support. Thank you and best of luck to all of you.”

– Tyler (nutrition plan from Men’s Guide to Fighter Diet)

Tyler week 8 photo: 923121_10201317411076879_1843043968_n.jpg

Gary Week 8 update:

Elimination week is here again. This four-week period has gone faster than the first, in my opinion. Regardless of how this goes for me this week, I have to say this is an awesome life change changing experience for me. I love to eat a lot and this lets me. There is nothing more I can really say about how awesome it is to have eaten like I have the last eight weeks and still weigh and measure what I do today.

The workouts are killer and are a great tool for me. I was never the weightlifting kind. Until my wife started showing me things in the weight room last year, I only skimmed the weight lifting surface a handful of times alone. I was, until recently, still clueless as to what to lift, how, when and how much. I still love that it is spelled out in black and white in my workout eBooks.

I know Pauline asked that I try a refeed , but I am still not sure I know how to do that and am scared.
I know my legs are not showing much change, so I tried to even add extra exercises or an extra set to make sure I hit them hard this week in hope of some difference showing. I tried to also make sure that I was not taking too long between sets. It’s been a late night at the gym kind of week and was again today, so this update may not be as lengthy as others. Again thank you for this opportunity.

Start/ Now/ Change/ Change

Weight: 190 172.4 -.6lbs -17.6lbs
L Bicep 13” 13” +¼” same
R bicep 13” 13” +¼” same
L forearm 12” 11 ¾” same -¼”
R forearm 12¼” 12” -¼” -¼”
neck 14 ½” 14” -½” -½”
hips 42” 39 ¾” same -2 ¼”
L thigh 23 ½” 23 ½” +½” same
R thigh 23 ¾” 23” same -¾”
L calf 16” 15 ½” same -½”
R calf 16 ½” 16” +¼” -½”
shoulders 44 ½” 46” +¼” +2”
chest 40” 39 ¾” +1 ¼” -¼”
waist 35” 34 -½” -1”

–Gary (nutrition plan for Men’s Guide to Fighter Diet)

Gary week 8 photo: 179170_10200602072288052_1437769469_n.jpg

Manny Week 8 update:

Eight Weeks! Where does the time go?!? This coming week will be my most challenging as I am traveling for work to OKC. I leave tomorrow morning and get back late Friday night. I have cooked and freezed enough chicken for all my meals. I also have my oats and protein all packed, and enough veggies to get me through the first day. I have already talked to someone in OKC to get me to a store to get more veggies for day two and three.

My calories for the week:

Wed – 2975 (rest day)
Thu – 3410
Fri – 3445
Sat – 3380
Sun – 3400
Mon – 3600

Even with the increased calories, my weight dropped .7 lbs. since last week. Beginning Saturday, when I return from OKC, I am moving to the Muscle Booster 4000 calorie plan, and doing a refeed on Sunday after my brutal leg session.

Speaking of workouts, this was a great week. I keep taking feedback from Pauline and the Dungeonistas to get more out of every workout. I still have a long way to go, but I am definitely improving. Unfortunately, this is the final week of Badass Workouts V2 Program 9, and will be moving to another 5 day split from the same eBook, starting Sunday.

This is elimination week and I am amazed at my progress and the way my body is transforming. In fact, last week I had my body fat tested again (9-point caliper method). Since my last test four weeks prior, I had gained one pound and lost 1.4% body fat, bringing me to 10.3%. I see sub-ten in my future!


Weight 161.8 lbs. -0.7bs since last week and -0.2 lbs. overall
Chest 38.5" NC since last week and -.75" overall
Arms 12.25" NC since last week and +.5" overall
Hips 35.5" NC since last week and -1.0" overall
Waist 32.5" -0.25" since last week and -1.0" overall
Thighs 20.25" +.25" since last week and =.25" overall
Calves 14.5" NC since last week and +.25" overall
Forearms 11.00" NC since last week and +.25" overall
Shoulders 47.00" NC since last week and +1.25" overall“

– Manny (nutrition plan from Muscle Booster)

Manny week 8 photo: 408431_576191249067693_1212866895_n.jpg

Martin Week 8 update:

That week was ok, I mean the routine is well established, I am getting better with the scale and food calculations. As per Pauline’s recommendation, I changed my veggies to add less calorie-dense vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, lettuce, kale, and tomatoes. Those are the one I enjoy a lot. It is very cool to change the squash and brussel sprouts !!!! Today, I realized that I was eating too much meat, I weighted it cooked while I must have scaled it raw.

My main frustration comes from the fact I don’t lose a lot of weight. This frustration is doubled, if not more, when people got suspicious about it. I kill myself in the gym and do a lot of work in the kitchen. It pisses me off. I have certain doubts about my metabolism. In my life, I have made a lot of diets, certain with very, very low cals (500 cals per day) and I may have reason to believe it is a bit screwed.

I am not a specialist though, but I know that before this FD contest I was not eating a lot, around 2000 cals/day, I was working out twice a day. Since the beginning of this contest I am on the men’s guide, at 2600 and as per some recommendations I got here, I have reduced the time spent at the gym. So probably it is only some math. In my book, less training and more cals is not very good ?!?

Anyway, I just need to be patient, I keep repeating I do the right things. Just very frustrating to have to "wait" for my body to adapt during a 12-week contest. I still appreciate the support I got from the team and the other guys. I just hope it is not my last week, as the others, I firmly believe I deserve to stay !!!

Some stats (in inches):

Weight : 255 lbs. (-25 lbs.) -1 this week
Neck : 16 in (-1)
Shoulder : 55.0 (-2)
Chest : 51.5 (-1)
Waist : 45 (-3.5)
Hip : 42 (-2)
Thigh : 22.5 (-0.5)
Calf : 17 (0)
Arm : 14 (-1)”

– Martin (nutrition plan from Men’s Guide to Fighter Diet) –

Martin week 8 photo: 936186_10200354498278500_1903250411_n.jpg -ELIMINATED

Curtis Week 8 update:

“It’s week 8 and a big elimination week. I’m back at it this week after a few days last week I had a breakdown. I felt better this week doing as I know I should have. From the get-go the mind game has been my biggest down fall. Later in the week I will be ordering Fat Loss By Mind Power for me and FD Contest Prep for my wife (competing in Aug).

Make the cut or not I’m grateful for all that I’ve learned and well continue the FD lifestyle in my life. Pauline thank you so much for this opportunity.

This week Overall:

Weight — 207 (-1) (-17)
Waist— 36.5 (-1) (-5.5)
Chest –45.5 (+.5) (-.5)
Thighs— 24 (–) (-1)
Calves–17.25 (–) (+.25)
Arms–15.25 (–) (+.25)
Forearms–12.5 (–) (–)
Shoulders–53 (–) (+1)

– Curtis (nutrition plan from Men’s Guide to Fighter Diet)

Curtis week 8 photo: 603618_4855100372238_915067564_n.jpg -ELIMINATED

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