8 ‘Gym Don’ts’

Obvious, Yet Often Broken, Unwritten Rules

8 ‘Gym Don’ts’ - Obvious, Yet Often Broken, Unwritten Rules
Here are 8 ‘Gym Don’ts’ we feel every gym rat, bodybuilder, weekend warrior, etc. should be following:

1. Don’t sit on workout equipment without actually working out (be considerate to those either in a hurry or serious about their training.)

2. Don’t be on your cellphone in the gym (the gym is for working out, so workout! This however does exclude the typical gym selfie to showoff that supa dupa pump but don’t push it.)

3. Don’t go to the gym on an empty stomach (carbohydrates, fats and protein provide the body with energy therefore it’s recommended you eat prior to your workout to avoid excessive exhaustion or worse.)

8 ‘Gym Don’ts’ - Obvious, Yet Often Broken, Unwritten Rules4. Don’t try to find your next girlfriend or boyfriend at the gym (the gym is for exercise not for flirting, take your pursuit for companionship elsewhere please and thank you.)

5. Don’t approach someone in the middle of their set to converse (be courteous and don’t interrupt an individual getting their swole on!)

6. Don’t go the gym without water (hydration is extremely important for bodily function and maintaining the intensity of your workouts, so drink up!)

7. Don’t bring your ego into the gym (don’t try lifting weight you struggle immensely with and cannot accomplish clean reps with, drop the macho man act at the door and make gains the smart way.)

8. Don’t go to the gym with a defeated mindset (believe your pending workout will be the best workout you’ve ever had, give it 100% and go above and beyond with intensity to get the most out of your session.)


Maurice Bright

Maurice Bright is an ISSA certified personal trainer who also manages his own health and fitness website, mauricebright.com in hopes to inform, educate, motivate and inspire whenever possible.

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