Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
Allow me to go into detail. It is human nature to self-preserve. We shy away from things that are uncomfortable. From social situations, to studying hard, public speaking, trying something we are not good at, etc. When you constantly live in fear, when you refuse to extend your comfort zone you are really not even living. Just killing time during a slow death. This also applies in the gym.

The majority of you reading this post do exercises 8-12, maybe as much as 12 reps, or if you do perform 10+ reps you reduce the weight. Our cardiovascular and muscular endurance begins to fade quickly as we cross over 10 reps. The brain is registering pain in the muscles, then in the lungs. We mentally then physically checkout. Growth and subsequent success will not happen when you checkout during the most crucial of times. Most of you reading this are not even aware how you mentally checkout. Try this.

Get Comfortable Being UncomfortableNext time you go to train, pick a weight you can usually barely get 10 reps with. Using a spotter get 15 reps. I don’t care if he has to pull the weight off your chest or curl it for you. Get your ass out of your comfort zone. Do every set of every exercise you normally do with the same weight but now hit 15+ reps. You will hurt, you will be exhausted, you will be sore as shit the next day. However you have just pushed beyond your cocoon of comfort. The sense of pride and accomplishment will override all those BS feelings of pain and weakness. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. It is better to add reps using the same weight each week then add 5-10 pounds still hitting 8-10 reps. Then when you are successfully hitting 15+ reps with that weight, you increase the weight and begin the process all over again redefining your comfort zone.

Adopt the philosophy: Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Do this and success will be yours. Not just in the gym, but in life.

Joe Donnelly

Joe Donnelly is a top male fitness model and former NFL tight end, as well as the spokesman for Advanced Molecular Labs. Hear him in his own words in this exclusive online column.

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