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Best Exercises for Big Legs, Chest and Arms

Most guys would like to have a beach body, one that is ripped and ready for summer, but if having a six-pack were easy then everyone would walk around with washboard abs and a killer body to go along with it. In Beach Body on a Budget, I explained that diet is the key and gave you the fundamentals of clean eating and sound nutrition without breaking the bank. Lifting weights is the other part of the equation to getting a beach body, as the more lean body mass (muscle) you carry, the higher your metabolic rate. Diet will also fuel your workouts and give you energy to build muscle and drop even more fat, as weight training will raise your metabolic rate 24/7 and turn you into a fat-burning machine. Here is a basic beach body workout that will get you ready for summer and keep you going strong all year long.

Every workout will start with a little cardio, just to get the heart rate up and loosen the muscles. A tensed muscle becomes a stiff muscle, so a proper stretch is essential before and after a workout. Also for those beach-body abs, add core exercises at the end of every day.

MONDAY: Legs and Biceps

Starter: Jump Rope 2 – minutes; Burpees – quick set of 20 reps

Standing Dumbbell Hammer Curls (each arm)                3 sets of 12+

EZ Bar Preacher Curls                                                           5 sets of 15

Straight Bar Curls                                                                   3 sets of 15+

Concentration Dumbbell Curls (slow)                                 3 sets of 10

Leg Press                                                                                 5 sets of 12

Straight Bar Squats                                                               4 sets of 12

Leg Extensions                                                                        3 sets of 20

Calf Press on Leg Press Machine (knees bent)                  3 sets of 30

** Core


TUESDAY: Chest and Triceps

Starter: Jump Rope 2 – minutes; Burpees – quick set of 20 reps

Incline Barbell Bench Press                                                4 sets of 12

Dumbbell Flat Bench Press                                                3 sets to failure

Chest Plate Press                                                                 3 sets of 15

Chest Pec Deck/Flye Machine                                           4 sets of 12

EZ-Bar Skull-crushers                                                         4 sets to failure

Standing Cable Pushdowns (with Rope)                          4 sets to failure

Dips                                                                                        3 sets of 20



WEDNESDAY: Back and Biceps

Starter: light half-mile treadmill jog; Jump Rope – 2 minutes

Lateral Pulldown machine, wide grip (slow)                 4 sets of 12

Bent-over Barbell Rows                                                   3 sets of 15

Rope Lat Pulldowns                                                          3 sets to failure

Deadlifts                                                                             5 sets 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1

Wide-grip Pull-ups                                                            3 sets to failure

Straight bar curls                                                               3 sets to failure

Concentration Dumbbell Curls (slow)                             3 sets of 10

Dumbbell Isolation Preacher Curls                                 3 sets to failure

Calf Press on Leg Press machine (knees bent)             3 sets of 30


THURSDAY: Shoulders, Triceps and Latissimus (Lats)

Starter: Jump Rope – 2 minutes; Burpees – quick set of 20 reps

Dumbbell Seated Press                                                              4 sets of 12

Barbell Upright Rows                                                                  3 sets of 12

Front/side Standing Dumbbell Raises                                    4 sets of 12

Cable Lateral Raises (single arm)                                               3 sets to failure

EZ-Bar Skull-crushers                                                                 4 sets to failure

Standing Cable Pushdowns with rope (low weight)               3 sets of 20

Dips                                                                                                3 sets to failure

Dumbbell Shrugs                                                                         3 sets of 12

Barbell Shrugs (each rep: 3-second                                          2 sets to failure
pause at top and bottom)


FRIDAY: Legs AND CrossFit (high-intensity exercises that stimulate multiple muscle groups)

Starter: Stepper Machine – 5 minutes; light half-mile treadmill jog

Dumbbell Side Lunges (each leg)                                  2 sets of 12

Dumbbell Front Lunges (each leg)                                3 sets of 12

Box Jumps                                                                       3 sets of 20

Hang Cleans                                                                     3 sets of 10


Battle Rope:

Alternating Waves                                                           2 sets of 1 minute

Double Arm Waves                                                          1 set of 1 minute


SATURDAY: Calisthenics, Bodyweight Only

Starter: Jump Rope – 2 minutes; Burpees – quick set of 20 reps

Mountain Climbers                                                       3 sets of 1 minute

Wide-grip Pull-ups                                                      4 sets to failure

Dips                                                                                4 sets to failure

Floor Mat Flutter Kicks                                               3 sets of 1 minute

Floor Mat Scissor kicks                                               3 sets of 1 minute

Muscle-ups                                                                   3 sets to failure

Quarter-mile sprints (2 minutes between sets)     6 sets


Sunday: OFF



Planks: 3 sets of 2 minutes

Russian Twist (with weight):                                        2 sets of 1 minute

Hanging Leg Raise to bar (toes to bar, t2b):              3 sets of 12

Hanging Knee Raise to chest:                                      2 sets of 15

Dumbbell Side Bends:                                                  3 sets of 12 (each side)


If there is an exercise you do not understand, you are more than welcome to contact me. Also, Google any of these exercises to get a better understanding of the movement.


William Brower

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William Brower

William Brower William Brower is a Certified Personal Trainer, published fitness writer, and Certified Sports Nutritionist who works toward enhancing the well-being of his clients by using the knowledge, skills and resources he has garnered over the years to assist and inspire them on their journey to a healthier life. The method of training William focuses on is high-intensity interval training (HIIT). He believes that short bursts of high-intensity exercise followed by brief, low-intensity activity will help your body to burn calories for greater periods of time. William firmly believes that engaging your core each day in your fitness routine will help build a strong foundation. His philosophy is to “Develop an active lifestyle while having a balance of physical and mental well-being.” His interests are beach volleyball, boxing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, fitness training and traveling. IG @williamabrower 

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