Best Exercises to Build a Bigger Chest

Total Chest Workout for Pumped Pecs

By IFBB Pro Josh Wade

Try this routine, which is one of my favorite chest workouts that I do most frequently!

Q: I’ve really been trying to build my chest, but I have a hard time connecting with my chest during workouts. Are there any pointers you can give?

A: Yes, as a personal trainer, form on chest exercises is probably the one thing I correct more than anything else.

First thing is most people don’t create enough arch in the back and this is even harder for people that work at a desk because they don’t have the best curvature of the spine due to leaning forward or rounding shoulders, so the tissue in the pecs and delts becomes so tight that they are internally rotated. Make sure you stretch your pecs daily, so your shoulders sit back in the proper position and are not rolled forward. When setting yourself up on all chest exercises, make sure you roll your head back as hard as you comfortably can, so your back is arched, shoulders are rolled back under you and your chest is the highest point and not your anterior delts. Then when you press, make sure you extend the arms to contract the pecs but don’t reach, which will pull the back of the shoulder off of the pad; then it’s very important to control the negative portion of the exercise while still trying to squeeze the chest – remember the better mind/muscle connection you have, the more stimulation will happen!

Another way I like to start my chest workouts is to start on a machine press; that way you don’t have to worry about stabilizing and can focus just on the contraction and resistance because if you have a pump it’s easier to feel the muscle working. Another important factor is minimizing rest periods at this point to make sure you do get a good pump to start the workout! Try this routine, which is one of my favorite chest workouts that I do most frequently!

Seated Chest Press

2×15 warm-up (30-second rest)

4×12-10 (last set 2 drops)

(45-60 second rest on working sets)

Incline Bench

4×12-8 (60-90 second rest)

Here you can push more weight safely, as the muscle is already warmed up and pre-exhausted.

Incline Dumbbell Press 4×12-10,

superset with

Incline Dumbbell Flyes (pronated grip), 4×12-10

Do your press then immediately reduce the weight by about 50 percent and go right into pronated flyes, which for me really stretches the pecs and puts a nasty burn and pump in the muscle.

Machine Flyes

4×12 (squeeze contraction for one second on every rep)

Once the muscle is pumped here, you can squeeze the life out of it till it’s done!

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but flexing your chest can also significantly help with the mind-muscle connection. The best way to do this is to extend your arms out in front of you with your chest up and back slightly arched, and squeeze your palms together. Try to relax your arms and really focus on just your chest flexing until you get an almost crampy feeling, then mimic that feeling while working your chest, especially on any flye motion.

Finally, I don’t ever do a workout without my Impact Igniter Pre-workout by Allmax Nutrition. It’s full of vasodilators to help pump the muscle but also has cognitive ingredients in it, which will enhance your mind-muscle connection.

I hope this helps and you build a pro-caliber chest!

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