Big Arms Workout: Superset Biceps/Triceps

Q: Do you superset all of your arm workouts?

A: When training biceps and triceps together I usually superset a couple of exercises together and then I might do a heavier straight set by itself to finish off the muscle group after warmed up from the superset. Most of the time when I do it in that fashion, I’ll do all my biceps exercises and then go to the triceps. For example, I’ll superset palms-up dumbbell curls with dumbbell hammer curls and then finish with EZ-bar preacher curls by itself.

Sometimes I’ll superset going back and forth from a biceps exercise to a triceps exercise. If I do that, I try to minimize the equipment I use so it doesn’t get taken if I turn my back or walk away. Here is a workout I recently did that way that burned like fire and gave me a crazy pump:

Biceps/Triceps Superset Workout

Rope Pushdowns – 5×12

Superset with

High Pulley Rope Hammer Curls – 5×12

On the high rope hammer curls, I keep the pulley where I use it for pushdowns, grab the rope with a thumbs towards me grip, keeping my upper arms parallel to the ground and curling next to my head and pivoting at the elbow, trying to minimize the pulling motion and focusing more on curling motion.

Lying Triceps Extension (1.5s) – 4×12

Superset with

Close-Grip EZ-Bar Curls (1.5s) – 4×12


Both of these are done with the same EZ curl bar and both done as 1.5s, so doing a full rep and then a half rep from a stretched position to halfway up and counting that as one total rep.

Two-Arm Overhead Dumbbell Extensions – 4×12

Two arms holding one dumbbell, pause on stretch then push

Superset with

Dumbbell Spider Curls – 4×12

Facedown on bench slightly hanging over the top, try to squeeze the dumbbell heads together the whole time.

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