Bring Back That Young Body With Your Mind

Bring Back That Young Body With Your MindBy Jason Aaron Baca

Use these creative ideas in giving your body that extra edge. If you follow these steps 3-5 days per week you will increase overall body development.

Step A) Meditation. When going to bed at night, lay down, close your eyes and relax your arms and legs starting with the tips of your toes working your way up to the top of your head. Do not cross your arms or legs just let them gently relax with arms at sides.

Imagine in your mind’s eye how you want your body to look from head to toe. If you start thinking about something else like work, how to make your next payment on the mortgage, or fantasizing about that Mr.Goodbar candy you want to eat, simply clear your brain and allow those thoughts to pass.

Return the mind to the land of muscles instead of the land of confusion!

Bring Back That Young Body With Your MindStep B) Visualize. When you have relaxed the body to a completely relaxed state where your limbs feel loose like overcooked noodles, visualize a moment in your history when you felt alive and full of life. When you were at the right place at the right time and your body was looking its best.

Step C) Revise the Past! Ok now hold that thought and bring it into your world of today. Imagine and reawaken this person of old. Bring that excellence, that proud, confident person back to life, after all, it is still you isn’t it? You are still you and nothing has changed but the time on our clocks.

Step D) Reevaluate the past. If you’re like most Americans, you have plenty of emotional baggage and daily stresses to deal with from work and home life. Simply making a mental suggestion to your head when in this calm, relaxed state can have a long term effect. Be sure to always make the suggestion positive and simple such as “everyday in every way my body improves and I become less concerned with the things I can’t control in life.”

Step E) Picture from Start to Finish. See yourself at the beginning of the contest or what it is you desire. Slowly watch it all unfold in your mind as if you are accomplishing your goal. Imagination should be at its best during this part. You imagine every detail of it as you world a Rocky movie. (Before I became a romance cover model I imagined how all of this would unfold before getting on my first book cover.)

See yourself sweat and pushing yourself ever so closer toward your goal. Imagine others in the gym or around you taking notice of you in a positive way.

Step F) Perform! Using the techniques described here, apply these thoughts, these images, these confident moments, these uplifting pictures of yourself to your real life workouts. Learn it! Live it! Love it!

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Photos by Christiane Posi, Mark Jenkins

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