Build Bigger Arms and a Huge Chest

Get Pumped With Beach Muscles Workout

Ready for bigger pecs and biceps aka the “beach muscles”? Whether or not you will admit it, we all want these muscles. Especially when it comes to the beach season.

Set this circuit up, and be on your way to bigger arms and a huge chest!

How You Do It

• The theme for this workout is bicepschest
• Hit each exercise with little to no rest between moves
• Complete 4-5 rounds

The Moves

The 28-Method Arm Curls
7 regular curls, 7 halfway up curls, 7 halfway down curls, 7 SLOW curls

Push-up to Shoulder Tap
All the way down, all the way up on the push-up, then at the top position of the push-up, tap each shoulder— being sure not to sway your hips. Squeeze your butt and lock in your core as you move your arms.

Band Blowouts
Get a medium-heavy resistance band, stand on the band with one (or two) feet and get as many bicep curls as you possibly can.

Push-up Bear Crawl Stalls
Start in a bear crawl position, explode out into a push-up and come right back to the bear crawl position. The forceful push-up will work your upper body power, and the stall will increase your shoulder and upper body stability.

Ben Boudro, MS, CSCS

Ben Boudro is a former Division I college wrestler, fitness junkie, husband, dad and dog lover with a passion for fitness through strength and conditioning. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with a bachelor’s and Master of Science degree in kinesiology, and the owner of Xceleration Fitness. Ben has helped millions of people unleash their inner beast through fitness, take control of their lives and believes: “The sky is the limit, and I live my life to one common theme: You can either wait for success to come to you or you can chase it … CHASE IT!” Instagram Twitter Facebook

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