FitLife – More Than Just a Hobby For NPC MPD Competitor Chris Villa


It is not uncommon for young men to be unsure of what they intend on pursuing as a profession and to contemplate many different options while getting there. In that aspect, Chris Villa was no different from many of his counterparts.

While attending Aviation High School in Long Island City, New York, the teenager had aspirations of going into the flying industry. But by the time he earned his diploma, the native New Yorker had a change of mind and then aspired to become what thousands of men in the big city did – a detective in the New York City Police Department.

But something happened along the way.

"I began taking online college courses in criminal justice," recalled Villa, "and it was around that time that I became interested in health and fitness. I devoted most of my free time to working out and it paid off."

So instead of becoming an NYPD gumshoe, Villa was signed by Silver Models Management and a career that was unplanned was beginning to take focus. Various fitness magazines (KRAVE, Men’s Fitness) featured him in spreads and covers and he has transcended that into competing in the Men’s Physique Division.

"Once of I heard of the division, I felt that it was for me," says Villa, 29. "I became excited because this was more of a marketable look and my agent and good friend Ryan Hughes (March 2013 Fitness RX For Men cover model) also said that I should do it. After my first show (2011 NPC Atlantic States, 3rd place), I was addicted and loved it."

The 5’11", 195-pound Villa has competed in 11 shows since then and will be taking the stage in both the upcoming NPC Maryland and NYC Metropolitan shows.

Even though it may have taken a little time to get there, Villa has found a home with his choice for a livelihood and has been plying his trade as an independent personal trainer. Of course, earning his IFBB pro card is on the agenda, and Villa has a formula to make that dream come true.

"I call it FitLife – this is a lifestyle that you either live 365 days a year or you don’t."

Chris Villa is definitely someone who ‘does.’

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2011 NPC Atlantic States – 3rd
2011 NPC Team Universe – 3rd
2011 NPC USA – 6th
2011 NPC North American – 8th
2011 NPC Nationals – 16th
2012 NPC Europa – 8th
2012 NPC Pittsburgh – 3rd
2012 NPC Junior USA – 16th
2012 NPC Junior Nationals – 3rd
2012 NPC Team Universe – 6th
2012 NPC USA – 10th
2012 NPC North American – 7th


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