FitnessRx Ultimate Muscle, Fat-loss Workout

A Scientific Approach

FitnessRx Ultimate Muscle, Fat-loss Workout - A Scientific Approach
Losing fat and building muscle seem impossible sometimes. You go to the gym two or three times per week, run on the treadmill, walk a few extra blocks to work in the morning and do the obligatory push-ups before bed, but nothing seems to work. Sure, you’ve made gains, but you’re still a long way from looking like the lean, muscular and ripped fitness models in FitnessRx. Science has an answer for you!

Human metabolism has evolved over thousands of generations. The metabolic response to exercise and diet reflect eons of hardship, scarcity and combat. The good news is that you’re here. Your genes survived, while weaker, less resilient genes from less-adaptable ancestors died off centuries ago. You have the genes of a warrior and have evolved to fight famine, the stress of combat and sudden emergencies. Your metabolism has a remarkable capacity to store energy and maintain it for times of extreme stress and nutritional deficiency.

Warriors are lean, fit, muscular and athletic. They exude confidence and success. All eyes are drawn to them when they enter a room. They get the girl, the best job and make the most money because they stand out from the others. At the genetic level, you’re a warrior and come from thousands of generations of warriors.

Warrior bodies don’t do well in fast-food, immobile societies. Your body is built for battle, physical and mental hardship and perseverance. Powerful hormones such as epinephrine, growth hormone and testosterone help you perform at peak levels. These are the hormones of a warrior! To put it another way, genetically you’re a Ferrari that can go 150 miles per hour, but you only need to be a Vespa® motor scooter that goes 25 miles per hour. The unused capacity leads to obesity, wimpy muscles and poor stamina. The combination of large amounts of tasty, high-calorie food and little need to exercise makes it easy to gain fat but difficult to lose it.

Your genes are programmed to return your metabolism to warrior status if you activate them correctly. Japanese researchers published a remarkable study showing how to harness your warrior hormones and channel them to build muscle and cut fat. The secret to their discovery is program design and timing. Their method relies on choosing hormone-boosting exercises, split-second timing and hard work. Their study serves as the basis for the FitnessRx Ultimate Muscle, Fat-loss Workout.

FitnessRx Ultimate Muscle, Fat-loss Workout

Every guy wants to be lean, muscular and fit, but modern life stands in the way. Job, stress, obligations to family and friends, and convenience foods make it difficult to eat healthily and exercise regularly. Consequently, most guys are a long way from the warrior look; they carry a little more fat around the middle than they should and have undefined muscles.

Fortunately, you have the genes of thousands of generations of warriors. These genes have given you the tools to develop the body of the warrior you are. These tools are hormones, such as growth hormone, testosterone and catecholamines (i.e., adrenaline and noradrenaline), which will help you cut fat, build muscle and burn calories like a dynamo.

Kazushige Goto and colleagues from the Institute of Health and Sport Sciences at the University of Tokyo, Japan, discovered that triggering metabolic stress by minimizing rest periods during weight training caused large increases in growth hormone and catecholamines (“fight-or-flight hormones” epinephrine and norepinephrine [adrenaline and noradrenaline]). They compared stress hormone responses to a workout with little rest against one that included a pause during the middle of each set. Subjects did three to five sets of 10 reps (at the maximum weight they could complete, 10 reps; 10-rep max) in a weight-training program consisting of lat pulls, shoulder presses and knee extensions. Their choices of exercises weren’t important— they included these exercises merely to test the effects of metabolic stress on the emergency hormone system. Minimizing rest resulted in the greatest changes in muscle mass, strength, muscle endurance and fat mobilization. The hormone changes resulting from extreme metabolic stress were substantial and have important effects on muscle mass and fat.

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