How To Add 100 Pounds To Your Bench Press

Achieve Pec-tacular Results!

The Conditioning Cycle: 8 Weeks

Do this cycle if you are a beginner or haven’t weight-trained seriously for a while. If you are well trained and ready to boost your bench, skip this program and begin with the load cycle.

Do this program three days per week if you decide to do the conditioning cycle. Rest approximately one minute between sets and three minutes between exercises. You can combine this weight training program with sports such as basketball, or exercises such as jogging or treadmill running. Rest at least two days per week. Increase the intensity of your lifts gradually.

Example of an 8-Week Conditioning Cycle

Exercise (Sets X Reps)
Bench Presses 4 X 10
Incline Dumbbell Presses 4 X 10
Lat Pulls 3 X10
Seated or Bent-over Rows 3 X10
Dips 3 X10
Flies 3 X10
Squats 3 X10
Roman Chair Knee Raises 3 X10
Back Extensions 3 X10

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