Husband (NFL) and Wife (IFBB) Training Team

Jacksonville Jaguars CB Jamell & Bikini Pro Ashriel Fleming

Husband (NFL) and Wife (IFBB) Training Team - Jacksonville Jaguars CB Jamell & Bikini Pro Ashriel Fleming
They say that opposites attract but that certainly is NOT the case in the Fleming household. With husband Jamell (Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback) and wife Ashriel (IFBB bikini pro) also being training partners, these two people were made for each other.

“We were the high school prom king and queen, have been together for nine years and married for one,” Ashriel says.

Jamell is entering his third year in the NFL and takes advantage of the offseason to go to the gym with his wife six days a week. Not only do they weight train together, but also participate in different activities for fit couples.

“We do some dance couples yoga, Pilates with our legs intertwined and couples posing that we post on IG Fit Couples,” the Edinburh, Texas native says.

Although she was always physically fit, Ashriel – who is also a certified PT – began to step it up once entering the competition ranks approximately two years ago. “I did a total of three amateur shows and earned my IFBB pro card this past July at the NPC Team Universe,” she explains. “Plus working out with Jamell, he can help me a lot in certain areas. Take my shoulders, for instance. He’s known for having broad shoulders and can push me.

Husband (NFL) and Wife (IFBB) Training Team - Jacksonville Jaguars CB Jamell & Bikini Pro Ashriel Fleming“I really can’t help him with anything,” she continued, “but we motivate one another.”

They use that motivation not only in the gym, but at home, as well. The proud parents of a five-year-old boy live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy a friendly back-and-forth ritual.

“It’s almost like a competition in the household,” Ashriel says. “Every day, he makes me look at his abs and is always beating me diet and athletic-wise. “

But Jamell admits that he always didn’t pay as much attention to nutrition as he does today. “I eat healthier now,” he says. “Especially when she’s in show prep and has to eat much cleaner. I adapt to it.”

Here’s an average week in the gym for Jamell and Ashriel:

MONDAY – upper body
TUESDAY – lower body
WEDNESDAY – upper body
THURSDAY – lower body
FRIDAY – upper body
SATURDAY – lower body

*On Sundays, they go to the gym and use the sauna.
*Ashriel also does fasted cardio in the AM six times per week and a second PM cardio session three times per week.
*Jamell does fasted cardio in the AM four times per week, as well as defensive back drills on Tuesdays and Thursdays that consist of ladders, back peddling, etc.


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