IFBB MPD Pro Geobanny Paula

IFBB MPD Pro Geobanny PaulaBy Kit Sanderson

1. Full name
Geobanny Paula

2. Height

3. Competition Weight for Men’s Physique
189 pounds

4. Geo, you had some pretty tough rivals in your first years as a IFBB Pro, but you bettered your ranking each competition. Did you imagine that Men’s Physique would ever be so competitive?

IFBB MPD Pro Geobanny PaulaYes, I’ve improved every time I’ve had the opportunity to compete in the IFBB and that is what draws the most about the sport. As long as I keep making improvements and show the judges my progress, little by little I’m closer to that Mr. Olympia qualification. What I never imagined was that Men’s Physique would be so competitive! At the pro level the talent is always on point and anyone can truly win.

5. What have you improved on most about your physique and presentation?

The 2 aspects I’ve improved the most have been my back and my overall posing.

6. What’s the next step for you now? What projects are you looking into for 2014?

For the 2014 season I have planned the Europa Pro, Pittsburgh Pro, NY Pro and, God willing the Mr. Olympia.

7. Where are you roots from? What is your background, family and fitness?

My Dad is Cuban, my mother is Colombian and I was born and raised in Miami. Since I was 14, I’ve had the blessing of having my uncle show me the ropes of working out starting with weight training for football. Since I did not continue with football and loved working out it got in to bodybuilding and at 17 I did my first bodybuilding competition.

8. Has there been an athlete that inspired you to get into competing in fitness?

IFBB MPD Pro Geobanny PaulaOne word – ARNOLD.

9. Who are your trainer and nutritionist?

My uncle is the one that over sees, but I’m my own nutritionist because I studied dietetics and nutrition. I also work with Rich Alvarez for posing and fine details.

10. Can you give us a typical meal breakdown off and on season?

The meal is very similar throughout the year, what drastically changes is the cardio.
Meal 1 – 12 egg whites + 1 cup oats + 1 tbls natural peanut butter
Meal 2 – 6oz chicken + 1 cup quinoa rice + 1 fruit
Meal 3 – 6oz Lean ground turkey + 6oz sweet potato
Meal 4 – 6oz fish + 1 cup asparagus + 10 almonds
Meal 5 – 6oz fish + 1 cup asparagus
Meal 6 – 14 egg whites + 1 tbls almond butter

11. What was your last competition and how did you place?
Last competition was the 2013 Ft. Lauderdale Cup and moved up the ranks to 7th.

12. Give us a little more background about your competitions.

I earned my pro status at the 2013 NPC Jr USA after 8 attempts at a pro qualifier. Placed 12th at my pro debut (Tampa Pro), then 16th my second show (Valenti Gold Cup) and finally moved up at the Ft Lauderdale Cup to 7th.

13. Can you please relate a quid routine – you can choose your favorite body part. Please include sets and weight:

BACK – wide grip pull ups (6 sets 25 reps), underhand barbell rows (4×15 185lbs), seated cable row (4×20 150lbs), single dumbbell rows (4×20 65lbs) and wide grip behind the neck lat pull downs (4×25 135lbs)

14. Any Special thanks?
Special thanks to my family, friends, clients, followers, my uncle and especially God!

15. Where can people follow you?

facebook-icon40x40 Instagram-icon40x40 twitter-icon40x40 WWW-icon40x40 youtube-icon40x40socialcam-icon40x40

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