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New Jersey is a tough place to grow up in. The state that many consider to be in the shadow of New York has a reputation as one not for the weak and where many of its residents proudly carry ‘diplomas’ from the School of Hard Knocks. So it behooves you to only live there if you can take care of yourself physically and Adam Salomon made sure that he was not only strong from lifting weights, but also quick with his hands by working out in the boxing ring.

Having his father box on the amateur circuit in Brooklyn (another place where you need thick skin to make it) and being involved with his brothers and friends in basement boxing matches put Salomon on the path to pugilism and the Ocean Township native inherited a love for the sport. In his teenage years, he also began working out with weights and admits, “I always wanted to look like the guys in the bodybuilding magazines.

Once he discovered cardio, though, Salomon began to see some changes in his already muscular body. Getting ripped became a passion and so did the opportunity for fitness modeling.

“I’ve modeled for Men’s Health, Exercise For Men and even some underwear boxes,” he says with a smile. “But as I got more into fitness, I stepped up my boxing and – more specifically – speed bag training.”

Although he had been familiar with the common practice, Salomon began to perfect it and even put in a twist of his own. “It grew on me very quick,” the 5’9″, 165-pounder recalls. “I realized that there are so many different combinations you can add to a speed bag routine to make it more fun and challenging and the better I was at it, the more addicting it became.”

Salomon trained with the speed bag twice a day for hours at a time and after nearly five years, he knew he was on to something. “I created the character Speed Bag Scissorhands as a way to get into the mainstream entertainment industry,” he says. “Since then, I’ve appeared on TMZ, Radar Online, Hollywood Life and CBS News. I’ve also had an acting role with (Muscular Development’s) Gregg Valentino.”

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Seeing is believing and the video clip here speaks for itself. Salomon – who is and has always been a 100 percent natural athlete – performs a two-a-day, split routine to stay in the kind of shape he is in. “I usually start with three to four miles of sprinting/high intensity interval training, mostly along the beach at the Jersey shore,” he explains. “In the winter, I’ll use a treadmill at the gym. After that, I’ll do 45 minutes to one hour of speed bag training. In the evening, I do my weight training.”


DAY 1 – Chest, Shoulder, Abs
DAY 2 – Back
DAY 3 – Legs
DAY 4 – Biceps, Triceps

*On non-weight training days, Salomon will do one hour of speed bag and cardio.

As a trainer, Salomon’s client list reads like a ‘who’s-who’ of the sports and celebrity worlds. Some of them include members of the heavy metal band Whitesnake, heavyweight boxer Kevin “Kingpin” Johnson (one of few men to ever last the full 12 rounds with Vitali Klitschko, the current and longtime WBC champion) and MTV’s “Jersey Shore” star Angelina Pivarnick in preparation for her celebrity boxing match. Even Bruce Springsteen made a point of hanging out with Adam at the gym and watching him go through his routne.

The entrepreneur has developed an iPhone app called ‘Speed Bag Scissorhands For Boxing’ and is sponsored by Balazs Boxing, one of the highest quality boxing equipment companies in the world. He is a staunch anti-bullying advocate and feels that he can be a great role model for kids. He has amassed great skill and ideas in the 20-plus years that he has been training and has his sights set on something one of his childhood heroes was able to accomplish.

“My goal is to do what Arnold Schwarzenegger did,” Salomon concludes. “He took his love for bodybuilding and parlayed it into a mainstream entertainment career. That’s how I see my speed bagging going.”

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