More Gym Don’ts!

Bring a Towel and Some Consideration

More Gym Don’ts! - Bring a Towel and Some Consideration
1. Don’t forget to re-rack the weight. (If you lift it, you can damn sure re-rack it when finished. Be considerate of others.)

2. Don’t leave equipment without wiping your sweat off of it. (Lying down into a pool of somebody else’s sweat can ruin anybody’s workout. Clean up after yourself people.)

3. Don’t bring sunglasses into the gym (unless you’re Ronnie Coleman or can squat 800 pounds, leave your damn shades at home.)

More Gym Don’ts! - Bring a Towel and Some Consideration4. Don’t give someone workout advice unless asked. (A lot of people get annoyed when others chime in on either their form or regimen. The gesture is nice, but keep to yourself unless asked.)

5. Don’t lift the weight for someone when spotting them. (A spotter is there to aid a lift, not perform the lift. Unless it’s forced reps, keep assistance to a minimum.)

6. Don’t half-ass lifts or workouts. (Lift with a burning desire to get better and workout with a passion rivaled by none, that’s what the gym is for.)

7. Don’t put anyone down. (Everyone has to start somewhere; help others, don’t hurt them.)

8. Don’t go to the gym without music. (Music will help you crush your plateaus, develop a solid rhythm and drown out any distractions during your workout. It’s a MUST have when gyming.)


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