My Spring Leg Workout, NFL Draft Crystal Ball

My Spring Leg Workout, NFL Draft Crystal Ball


Leg extensions have always ben an exercise that I like to do. I’ll usually start off with 100 pounds for 20 reps. After a one-minute rest period, I’ll add 10 pounds for 20 more reps. The same follows with 140 and 150 pounds.

The glute/hamstring machine is my next station and I’ll perform 10 reps while holding either a 35 or 45-pound plate in my hands. One minute of rest and then I repeat it.

Next up are weighted hyperextensions and I will hold a 60-pound barbell across my shoulders and do three sets of 20 reps each, with a 90-second rest in between. Lastly, I do lying single-leg curls and start with 70 pounds for 15 reps, then 80 pounds for 12 and 90 for 10 – two rounds total.

My Spring Leg Workout, NFL Draft Crystal Ball


The NFL Draft is not until May 8 this year but most of the teams have already seen and interviewed the players they are interested in. But the draft is funny sometimes. For instance, a team may feel that they guy they really like will never be available when they pick. But that player can fall down the draft board for any number of reasons and land in their laps.

The guys who are selected in the first and second rounds are guaranteed a couple of years in the league. Anyone else, they just get a helmet and pads and have to prove themselves.

Looking at the names being thrown around on the mock drafts, I would take JaDeveon Clowney (defensive end, South Carolina) first overall. All you have to do is say to him, ‘Son, go get the quarterback,’ and he can play in either a 4-3 defense or a 3-4 as an outside linebacker.

As far as the quarterbacks coming out this year, I’m not in love with any of them – Johnny Manziel (Texas A&M), Blake Bortles (Central Florida) or Teddy Bridgewater (Louisville). “Johnny Football” is said to have a lot of intangibles, but I want my quarterback to have a skill set instead. When people see him at 6’ tall, they’re seeing Russell Wilson and Drew Brees, but I would rather play the percentages. How many of those shorter quarterbacks have been successful?

Also, you can’t be a running quarterback in this league and last long. Ask Michael Vick, and Manziel is even smaller than him.

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