Proper Hydration

Frank Beltre Explains the Importance of Balanced Nutrition

Frank Beltre Explains the Importance of Balanced Nutrition
Proper hydration is one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Sure, you can eat the right foods and train your ass off, but if you don’t replace the fluids that your body sweats out, then you can find yourself on the floor.

Frank Beltre knows this and makes sure to replenish his body with plenty of water, before during and after exercising. “I drink it all throughout the day,” the rookie outside linebacker of the San Diego Chargers says. “I keep drinking it until I fall asleep at night.”


At 6’2” and 243 pounds, the undrafted free agent out of Towson University has to be on top of his game at all times to secure a roster spot in the National Football League and is preparing for his first professional training camp with a rigorous schedule that includes cardio, field work and weight lifting.

“I go to the park every weekday at 7:00 am with my former college teammate Jordan Dangerfield, who is on the Buffalo Bills now,” says Beltre. “We bring a quarterback with us and do drops, catches and conditioning, using both his and my program.”

By having the luxury of not one, but two NFL strength and conditioning programs to utilize, both Beltre and Dangerfield have a plethora of movements and drills to pick from and keep things diverse. They head to their respective homes after the park workout for a bite to eat and a little rest to get ready for a three-hour session at the gym five days a week.

Here is what a basic week in the life of these NFL rookies looks like:

MONDAY – legs
TUESDAY – upper body
THURSDAY– upper body
FRIDAY – legs
SATURDAY – light weights, abs, and band work
SUNDAY – yoga, stretching with bands, ice bath

“The following week, we’ll mix it up and perform upper body on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and legs on Tuesday and Thursday,” explains Beltre.


Frank Beltre Explains the Importance of Balanced NutritionKnowing that the opportunity of a lifetime was ahead of him, Beltre began cleaning up his diet over a year ago. “No fried or fast foods,” he comments. This is an example of what his daily menu looks like:

BREAKFAST – oatmeal
LUNCH – two grilled chicken breasts, two baked potatoes
DINNER – this is where he gets most of his carbs in and will choose from a dish such as spaghetti and meatballs or lasagna and some white rice. Beltre avoids red meat to stay lean.
PM SNACK– oatmeal, cup of rice


“I don’t care if I was drafted or not, I just need an opportunity.”

Beltre knows that it will be a tough battle to solidify a roster spot with the Chargers and learned some unique things in college to prepare him for this challenge that he is grateful to have.

“Towson is no the most noted school,” he says. “Always the underdog, so you have to do the little things (to get noticed by the scouts) like waking up earlier and being close to perfect. Always outworking everyone around you.”

For an undrafted free agent to stick, they usually have to ‘make their bones’ on special teams, something that is just fine with Beltre. “I was barely off the field in college,” he says. “I played on every special teams unit.”

By getting his body in top condition – and properly hydrated – before those sweltering two-a-days at camp, Beltre will surely take advantage of this golden opportunity he has been earned.

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Photos Courtesy of the San Diego Chargers and Towson University.

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