Sadik Hadzovic: The Man of Steel

IFBB MPD Pro's Inspiration Started With Super Heroes


Most young boys find themselves reading comic books. It’s just the natural progression in life; become fascinated with these larger than life characters portrayed in the four-color pages therein and pretend to be like them.

But some of those kids take it up a notch – and make some of those fantasies become a reality.

When Sadik Hadzovic was a youngster, he was not unlike the majority and found himself thumbing through issues of these tales of wonder. Seeing the physiques of the various super heroes stuck in his mind and when he began training at 17, he was able to hone in and use one of his memories to garner success.

No, he wasn’t able to ‘run faster than a speeding bullet’ or become ‘more powerful than a locomotive’ as the fictitious Superman could, but Hadzovic was able to carve out himself a physique that would make the Man of Steel himself jealous. Within a few years, the 5’10.5", 180-pounder joined Steve Weinberger and Bev Francis’s Powerhouse Gym in Syosset, New York and took it to the next level.

"It wasn’t until I joined the ‘East Coast Mecca’ that I started taking my training seriously," Hadzovic says. "In that gym, I was quickly bitten by the competitive bug and it was then and there that I decided to become a Men’s Physique Division champion."

The Westbury, New York native began his career on stage at the 2011 NPC Eastern USAs with a third place finish. A year later, he took the top spot at the NPC Metropolitans and a few months later, earned his IFBB pro card at the Junior Nationals.

Since then, Hadzovic, 25, has had one first (Valenti Gold Pro Cup), two second (Greater Gulf States Pro and Orange County Muscle Classic) and one-fourth place finish (Houston Pro). He has his eyes set on bigger and better things now moving forward – on the stage and off.

"On stage, I would like the opportunity to compete in three legendary shows: the New York Pro, Arnold Classic and Olympia," says Hadzovic, quietly wishing with that statement that we will see the MPD added to the schedule in Columbus, Ohio. "Off the stage, I want to continue promoting a healthy lifestyle and inspire young adults to start weight training and help them realize the importance of goal setting."

As far as the new division that he competes in, Hadzovic looks at it from afar and is enjoying the big picture. "One thing that you can’t put a limit on is the growth and popularity of the MPD," he says. "You can expect to see lots of world class physiques flood the stage in the coming years."

And a good chance that many of them will be former comic book fans.

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