Shoulder Day With Branko Teodorovic

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By Branko Teodorovic, FlexIt Master Trainer
2x WFF Pro Beach Model World Champion 

‘One Joint, One Muscle at a Time’

The pure beauty of the human body has always fascinated and inspired me. As I continued to get better at it over the years, I have found my true calling: to help others do the same. I have always believed that beauty is in the details. In order to create the detail I desired, I started thinking outside of the box. From the very beginning, I realized I had to “aim small” with my training and focus on the details by working on each muscle or muscle group separately.

I built Body Couture based on my view of training – I poured the knowledge I gained from years of competing and training at the highest level into how I train others. My training is based on the pure isolation of each muscle that I am targeting and using single compound exercises that are utilized and activated through the movement of only one joint. I accomplish this by focusing on creating a muscle and mind connection, which is achieved by visualizing the muscle contracting and feeling different levels of tension as the movement progresses, which optimizes the output of work that is being done.

I will share a variation of my shoulder training, and the basic idea will be to use the first exercise to move as much blood as possible into the targeted area. In this case, it is the deltoid muscle, but the blood quickly moves from the front of the deltoid muscle to the mid deltoid then rear deltoid as the workout progresses.

Below are some tips and a workout you can follow to optimize your training. All of the equipment necessary for this training session can be found in almost all 750+ of FlexIt’s partner gyms nationwide – soon to include amenity-rich EOS Fitness. FlexIt is a fitness app that allows you to work out at several gym locations and only pay for the gym time you use, perfect for those who travel or want to change up their training regimen by visiting different gyms. Keep in mind that this isolation technique is only one aspect of training. At FlexIt, we strongly recommend using other strategies such as functional, cardio, compound, etc. in order to achieve an ideal balance in overall training.Before beginning the workout, I wanted to pass along a few tips that will help you to get your desired results:

Properly Fuel Your Body

Make sure you are eating foods that are good for you and will help to fuel you through your workout, and don’t forget to get enough rest between sessions. A proper diet is more than 75 percent of the equation to success and recovery is just as important as the workout itself. Utilizing apps, such as FlexIt, to get in some light cardio on a recovery day is a great way to focus on rest without losing a workout.

Visualize Your Goals

Whether you are working out to lose weight, gain definition or just to keep yourself in shape, ask yourself how you’ll feel once you gain 10 pounds of muscle or once you lose 20 pounds of fat. Visualizing what you want to see will help you keep yourself accountable on your way there.

Put Your Vision Into a Plan of Action

It’s one thing to want something – it’s another to make it happen. Don’t let your circumstances stop you from achieving what you want. If you can’t afford a gym, find a way to work out at home or use FlexIt to get the most bang for your buck at prime gyms such as EOS Fitness, a facility that prides itself on offering amenities and equipment for a range of fitness goals.


Deltoid Workout

Warm Up:

Dumbbell 6s (six ways)

2 sets of 10 reps

Sit in L chair, arms are straight.

Raise arms lateral

Move arms to the middle (in front of you)

Raise arms above your head

Take arms back in front of you

Take arms back to lateral position

Put arms down, next to your body (starting position)

Smith Military Press

2 warm up sets

4 working sets

Sequence: 12-10-8-6

Heavy sets of 8 and 6


Cable W’s

3 sets of 12 reps

Keep the elbows at the same “W” position throughout the lift.

Elbow angle never changes; rotation is out of shoulder only.



Bar front raises

3 sets of 24 reps (8+8+8)

8x to parallel

8x parallel to top

8x full range

Over grip on the bar, hold it in shoulder width.

Body is in 1/4 squat position against the wall (to optimize isolation).


Transition Into Mid-Deltoid

Reverse L Chair

3/4 side lateral into front raise

3 sets of 6

Low – Mid – High


Lying (on back) single-arm cable side laterals

3 sets of 12 reps, each arm

Arms are straight, keep the cable under constant tension.


Incline short sphere 360-degrees

3 sets of 16 reps


EZ-Bar upright rows

3 sets of 20 reps

Keep the EZ-Bar as close to the body, drag it close to your body and finish right below the chin.


Rear Deltoid

Seated high rows

3 sets sequence

20-16-12 reps

Elbows are up parallel to the wide bar, keep the cable high, and finish the lift at the chin while keeping constant tension.


Incline cable reverse flyes

3 sets of 12

Slow into contraction, arms are slightly bent, elbow angle never changes.

Use incline bench to optimize isolation.


Branko Teodorovic

Branko Teodorovic is a WFF (World Fitness Federation) Pro and founder and owner of Body Couture, a New York City based personal training platform. He is a FlexIt Master Trainer, a NABBA (National Amateur Bodybuilders’ Association) certified personal trainer and an Asher-Jaxon New York fitness consultant and model. Branko has 18 career wins including 2017 and 2018 WFF Pro World Champion, and 2018 and 2019 WFF Pro European Champion. He was born in Belgrade, Serbia and currently lives and trains in New York City. Facebook Instagram

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