Burn More Fat With Kettlebells

Bored with cardio – even HIIT cardio? Of course you are. It happens to the best of us. But don’t worry – a new study from Southeastern Louisiana University is here to offer some help.

In the study, Brian Williams and Robert Kraemer developed a high-intensity interval training routine in the form of a 12-minute kettlebell workout using the Tabata regimen – repetitions of 20 seconds of exercises, followed by 10 seconds of rest. The exercises in the circuit were:
• Sumo Squat
• KB Swing
• One-Arm Clean And Press
Sumo Deadlift

The responses to the kettlebell circuit were similar to a time-matched interval training workout on a stationary bike. Caloric expenditure and heart rate were similar between the workouts. The study expanded our view of high-intensity exercise and demonstrated that a high-intensity kettlebell circuit can substitute for high-intensity interval training workotus on a stationary bike or elliptical trainer.

SOURCE: Journal Strength and Conditioning Research , 20, 3317-3325, 2015)

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